Posted on: 29th August 2013

How would you like to win the lottery only to find out that your ticket had been cancelled and you would not get any money? That is exactly what happened to Werner Reihold in September 2005. Reinhold went to the store in his hometown of Sydney, Australia to purchase a lottery ticket, which was very common for him. What was not common was when the clerk printed out his ticket, it didn't print correctly and some of the information was missing. The clerk, Nicole Skinner, explained that this happens sometimes and that she would just void the ticket out and issue him a new one.

Werner Reihold Lottery WinnerThis is where the problem began. Apparently, when Skinner called NSW Lotteries to cancelled the ticket, they cancelled the wrong one. Instead of cancelling the ticket that did not print right, they cancelled the ticket the Reihold bought and took with him. As chance would have it, Reihold was one of the lottery winners. However, when he went to turn in his ticket a few days later, he was told the ticket was cancelled. Even after explaining the entire situation to the NSW Lotteries office, they refuse to declare him a winner and pay him his winnings.

Believing in his right to the $1.8 million AUD winnings, Reihold took NSW Lotteries and the store where he bought the ticket to court. After two and a half long years, the courts finally decided that Reihold was entitled to the lotteries winnings, and actually ordered them to pay him a total of $2 million AUD. The moral of this story is to make sure you pay attention to what the clerks are doing when the issue your ticket, always hold on to your tickets and be sure to double check all the numbers. You never know when you might join the list of million dollar winners.

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