Wear A Lucky Charm – Feel Empowered To Win

Posted on: 12th April 2014

Lucky charms and symbols have been used by humankind from time immemorial. People always believed in luck, blessings from God (or Providence), good omens, etc. and used it to attract good fortune in their lives. When entering sweepstakes and contests you may like to wear one of these to attract good luck.

Experts are of the opinion that when people wear lucky charms or protective amulets they do indeed attract and experience good luck – which is attributed more to the positive bent of mind created from the belief that the lucky charm/ amulet does the trick. Here are a few lucky charms that you could use to enhance your own luck:


  1. Four Leaf Clover – this is a symbol for luck than traces its origins to ancient Irish traditions. They are very rare – but they do exist. However, if you cannot have one, you could always have one tattooed on you, or made as a pendant/ charm/ drawing that you could always carry on you to attract luck.
  1. Horse Shoe – the legend says that a blacksmith called Saint Dunstan had offered to nail a horseshoe to the devil himself in return of which, the devil offered a guarantee that he would not touch the house which have a horseshoe nailed to the door. You need not carry around a horseshoe for luck; but you could make a small horseshoe pendant/ charm out of one and wear it. Or you could put one outside your home, or the room where you use your computer most often.  This will attract good luck and prosperity towards you.
  1. Lucky Coins (Chinese) – Chinese I-Ching coins are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to its owner. You can buy these from any Feng Shui store or order them online. They look pretty, too.
  1. Lucky Penny – finding a penny on the ground is believed to be lucky for the finder. However, most people do not know that for the penny to be lucky, it needs to be found face up. Take the lucky penny and keep it in your purse separate from the rest of the coins. This will multiply your money and good luck.
  1. Goldfish – legends says that the goldfish brings prosperity in whichever house it goes. Black fish are believed to offer protection. Have a few lovely goldfish in an aquarium in the room where you are using your computer; and keep them happy. Goldfish are voracious eaters; ensure that you feed them enough. You will find that you will start winning more than ever.

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