Ways to Win More Competitions

Posted on: 15th December 2012

Some people think that winning competitions is based on either luck or requires much skill. However, there are certain tips and tricks that can increase your chances of winning a competition. If you have tried to join several contests but have failed to win anything, you may be doing something wrong. Here are some tips and tricks of increasing your chances of winning a competition:

Win CompetitionsHow to Find Competitions – With several different competitions on many different platforms such as TV, radio and online, how can you determine if the competition is any good or not? Base your choice of competition on the prizes. If you are looking for a specific prize such as an iPad for instance, you can do a Google search to find competitions. Other great online sources are websites that compile competitions.

Common Competition Mistakes – When joining competitions, it is extremely important to adhere to their guidelines. You should pay careful attention to the time and date that the entries must be submitted. Competition promoters can attest to the number of entries that comes in after the competition has ended. You should also look at the instructions carefully to prevent disqualification particularly when it comes to the word count. It is also important to ensure the readability of your entry and check your e-mail constantly. There have been many times when a prize has been forfeited due to not being able to reply promptly.

Tips for Winning Competitions – Though this may sound cliché, but the best way to win a competition is simply to be “In It to Win It”. You should also determine your odds. For instance, the number of times you enter will of course increase your chances of winning. Another tip is to choose competitions that do not have many entrants.

Choose Competitions that Attract Less Entrants – Typically if a competition is huge and is has generalized qualifications then it will attract more entrants. Competitions that require proof of purchase and those run by small stores and independent businesses will have less entrants. Any competition that targets only men will be good to join since 75 percent of competition entrants are women.

Increasing Your Chances In Skill-Based Competitions - By its very basic nature, you will have more chances of winning a skill-based competition. Since you are judged on your skills you remove the element of chance in these competitions. For skill-based competitions you need to be very clear with the task. Determine the reason why you are asked of the task and how you can stand out from your competitors. Typically, these contests promote a specific brand. So show their product in a positive light and avoid any controversy.

Determine Whether the Competition is Legitimate – Scams are abound everywhere and competitions are no exceptions. Be wary of competitions that require you to put in your credit card number and social security number when joining. This could just be a way to obtain your credit card information. Any competition that guarantees a prize is also most likely a scam.

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