Want To Win The Sweepstakes – 7 Tips That Will Give A Winning Edge

Posted on: 14th March 2014

Luck is one of the major factors that will get win the sweepstakes; but it is not the only one. There are many more “little” things you can do to enhance the power of your luck. Here are 7 great tips that could tilt the scales in your favor when you enter a sweepstake contest next time:

  1. The More The Merrier – enter as many contests/ sweepstakes as you can. Your chances to win increase with every added entry. If you enter 100 sweepstakes, you have 100 chances as compared to entering only 1.  The more chances you have, the close you would be to your goal – winning.
  1. Multiple Entries Are Good – if any sweepstake allows multiple entries, by all means send  multiple entries. Send as many as they allow you. Multiple entries will multiply your chances to win. Most people will send just 2-5; hence, if you send more you would be more likely to have your name picked up.
  1. Choose Geographically Restricted Sweepstakes – you will have better chances winning sweepstakes/ contests that are restricted for residents of your state only. This means less competition for you. It is better to compete against the state residents only rather that the whole country. There could be restrictions on age, gender, citizenship, etc.
  1. Local Sweepstakes Are Excellent – local sweepstakes are best because they will draw limited entries and hence, your chances to win increase manifold; especially if they allow for multiple entries.
  1. Difficult Sweepstakes Are Great – the competition becomes thinner if the entries are difficult. Look for those types of sweepstakes who offer challenging task to allow entries. Here the eliminations is done both by the difficulty of the entry as well as the fact that most people would lose interest seeing the eligibility test.
  1. Short Deadline Entry Sweepstake – look for sweepstakes that have limited time to entry and stick to the deadline. Most people do not like such contests/ sweepstakes and others miss the deadline. Hence, here too you would have an increased  winning edge. If they allow for multiple entries, the odds become even better for you.
  1. Multi-Prize Sweepstakes Are The Best Bet – enter any sweepstakes that offer many of prizes. The more prizes are offered, the more chances you have to pick a winning ticket.  Say, if the sweepstakes announces 100 prizes instead of one, you will enjoy the opportunity to win a prize increased hundred-fold.

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