Posted on: 5th June 2014

Writing contests are a lot of fun and often can win you attractive prizes and fame – when they publish the winning entries in books. Here are a few tips that would ensure that you win the first prize:

  1. Interesting Plot – this is the first and last prerequisite of any piece of writing. It should have an interesting plot. People should love to read it; people should want to turn the page to find out “what next”. You need to create that urgency in the mind of the reader to find out “what next”.
  1. Put In An Compulsive Ingredient – to make the writing entry most attractive you need to have in it a “come-hither” ingredient. This could be humor, suspense, horror, and so on. The plot of your story should excite the reader; the reader should enjoy reading it.
  1. Make It Unpredictable – nothing is more boring that a story with a predictable end. You should have the question alive in the reader’s mind as how this in going to end. Add enough twists and turns to make the story interesting. Be careful here as well; too many twists and turns will have you lose your reader’s interest as well. The best story will keep the reader in dilemma until the very last.
  1. Build Your Characters Well – a good story is able to project the characters very strongly; make them alive and real in the mind of the reader. Each character should linger in the mind of reader long after he read the story.
  1. Make Your Story Fun To Read – by “fun” here it does not mean that the story should be a comedy. It means that the reader should enjoy reading the story. To achieve this, you need to make your story different, unpredictable and easy to read.
  1. Make It Easy To Read – write the story according to your audience. If you are a writer for children, to win a prize you should be able to connect to your audience. Do not use any bombastic words, unless the theme explicitly asks you to do it. Keep the language free of technical terms (unless it is for a science/ technical writing). Making the reader reach out the dictionary every line, would not make your writing too popular.
  1. Stay Within The Length Restrictions – if the story is supposed to be 5,000 words and you write 7,000 it might be considered y the judges; but it becomes 11,000 words, it would be rejected outright. Learn to stay within the limits described.

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