Want To Win An Exotic Vacation – Check Out These Tried-And-Tested Tips

Posted on: 2nd April 2014

Many people love to travel but cannot afford the cost of a comfortable fun-filled trip; and not many enjoy backpacking style vacations. Does this mean that you should write off your dream to travel to your favorite destination or a destination of fun? Not at all; where there is a will there is way – goes a great saying. In this case, you could fulfill your dream by winning an exotic vacation.


1. Find The Right Contests – to enter a contests or sweepstake to win a free vacation/ trip you will first of all, need to find these contests. Search online for contests that offer trips to your favorite destination or similar ones. Suppose you are looking for a luxury cruise trip, type in ‘luxury cruise liner contest” or “win a cruise” or “free vacation contest” and so on. Set an alert announcement on Goolge so you could be intimated of any new contest about vacations and trips.


2. Offline Resources – you will also find excellent opportunities offline:


  • Magazines - Check in magazines about travel, on wine, wildlife photography, cooking and travel among others. You would be likely to find contests that offer free trips/ vacations in such magazines.
  • Radio And Television – reality shows, channel promotions, travelogues and other shows on TV and radio would often announce great contests with vacations as their first prize. Tune in from time to time and ready with a pen and paper to note down the details of what to answer and where to send the entries. Most travel related shows offer contests at one time or other.
  • Your Social Group – tell all your friends that you are fond of competitions and contests – especially those which offer cash or a chance to win a trip. You will be surprised about the number of leads you will generate this way. Post your wish to win on FaceBook, Tweet it, Pinterest it, and so on. Your friends will love to help and they will send you all kinds of links to various types of ‘win a vacation’ contests.
  • Sign Up For Newsletter With Leading Travel Sites – search for leading travel sites such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, Concierge, TraveloCity, Frommers and so on,  announce contests as often as every month. Sign up for their newsletter and follow the rules. Most of these sites would ask you to refer friends to the site to increase your chances to win.


3. Earn Your Free Trip – if you a frequent flier make sure you get your frequent flier number and collect the free air-miles that your trips offer. When you saved enough cash these miles to sponsor a trip to your favorite destination.

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