Posted on: 26th March 2014

Spells act like the Law of Attraction. It activates the positive energy in the Universe and pulls in good luck and prosperity towards you. This is a very simple spell that works very well even with people who are trying to cast spells for the first time in their life. The only prerequisite is that you totally believe that it works.

Money Attracting Spell

You will need a gold chain (it is important that the chain is made of gold, not gold plated, or just looking like gold), a gold ring and three yellow candles. To activate the spell go through the following steps:

1. Cast your circle of protection. Form a triangle in front of your with the three yellow candles.

2. Light the candles.

3. Clean the gold chain and gold ring with a little sea salt to remove all negative energy that may have accumulated on these things.

4. Place the gold chain and gold ring in the middle of the triangle.

5. Focus on visualizing the triangle pulling in money from all over the Universe and filling up.

6. Keep this picture in your mind and say loudly the following spell three times:
“Wealth, abundance and prosperity
Flow into my life and set me free.
It is my will;
So, mote it be.”
7. Wait for three minutes after saying the spell loudly. Use this time to visualize money coming towards you from all directions, filling your pockets, filling your room, filling your home, bringing your happiness.

8. Take the gold ring and put it on the gold chain, then wear the gold chain around your neck.

9. Close your eyes and feel the good energy flowing towards you, bringing with it money and good luck.

10. Wear the chain as often as you can. If possible, wear it continuously especially when you are entering any contest, or choosing numbers for lottery, or entering any sweepstakes.

The circle mentioned in the spell is the Wiccan Protection pentagon which is supposed to keep you protected from all negative forces. This is necessary whenever you cast any type of spell – right from the simplest to the most complex.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that as long as you are doing these things with a clear mind and for positive outcome, you will be attracting positive energy and outcome. Believe – and the world is yours.

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