Posted on: 3rd December 2013

No, it is not just about taking lots of pictures that you can put on your Facebook or Instagram account. Holidaying is essential for your sanity, revitalization of your body, and serenity for your soul. Plus, you’ll get more time to re-organize your schedule, wants and desires as well as your priorities in life.

So, just join these three exciting competitions so you can get yourself a well-deserved holiday!

Hotel Club is giving you and a friend the chance to win a $6500 holiday to Bali, Thailand, Los Angeles or the Gold Coast including; return airfares, 7 nights twin share accommodation & $3000 spending money!

The OO Big Giveaway is giving you the chance to win an amazing $5000 trip to a destination of your choice! The high life of New York or the glitz and glamour of Paris - take your pick and enter now for your chance to win!

If you become a Velocity member between 28 October and 31 December 2013, you’ll have the chance to win one of five return flights to LA for you and a friend^. Simply complete the enrolment form. You’ll receive your membership number immediately, and your Velocity Membership card will be sent to you in the mail. For the full competition terms and conditions.

Win A Holiday To BaliHere are some reasons why you should push going on a holiday:


  • You’ll look back after 10 or 50 years and you’ll be completely satisfied you made that decision.
  • You’ll discover a different way of living and that might inspire you to appreciate yours or make things different.
  • Witness attractions, surroundings, and sceneries that you could never even dream about.
  • Be acquainted with new trees and flowers, fruits and vegetables, birds and animals – everything about nature.
  • You can do silly things and nobody will laugh at you.
  • You can explore your creative or adventurous side.
  • You’ll strive for excellence at your job as soon as you get back.
  • You’ll get plenty of Vitamin D plus be surrounded by fresh air.
  • You’ll be stress free and be rid of common illnesses brought by the tension and pressures from work.
  • You can meet new people and develop friendships that can last a lifetime.
  • It makes you feel more grateful about the life you have.
  • It would you miss the people in your lives.
  • You can challenge yourself to try on new food or habits and get out of your comfort zone to discover something new in your life.
  • You can reflect in the past years of your life – whether you have reached your goals and what else you have to include in your bucket list.
  • Get the chance to read or play video games, whatever. It’s your vacation after all!
  • An excuse to buy new bikinis or new sports gear.
  • It would make you less cranky or less moody because of the fabulous sceneries around you.
  • You will avoid thoughts of depression and negativity.
  • You’ll extend your life expectancy.
  • You’ll want to save up as soon as you get back because you would definitely want to go on vacation again!

Just click here so you can submit your entry. Keep your fingers crossed and hope to win!

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