Posted on: 4th January 2014

Money belt is definitely more secure than a travel wallet. It might not be the most fashionable but when your safety and identity are at stake while on a strange land, you should not travel without one. Besides, it would be completely hidden from plain sight.

A money belt is a small fabric pouch with a zipper for easy access. It can be worn around the waist and under your jeans or skirt. Other people like to wear it over their tummy but sliding it around the small of your back might be more comfortable. Still, there are some who use some sort of a neck pouch, worn as a necklace. The point is, it keeps all your valuables hidden for con artists.

All your essential documents and money source are safely tucked away in your money belt. That would give you more than enough time in the world to focus on the wonders and beauty of your chosen tourist destination. It’s so easy to put on. When you dress up in the morning, you just wear it like you wear your underwear. And you only take it out when you change clothes for bed. It gives you that peace of mind you need while busily immersing yourself with the culture of the foreign land you are travelling in.

travel money beltOf course, when you’re travelling with a money belt, you have literally nothing worth stealing. But here’s the caveat: if you don’t tuck your money belt back in after you retrieve something, then thieves and unscrupulous individuals would instantly zero you in as their next victim. So make sure you don’t let it all hang out in the open.

So what if you want to enjoy the sun, sea and sand? Better leave your money belt in your hotel room rather than ‘hiding’ it somewhere on the beach, where you might completely forget all about it after a few hours of working your tan off. When you have to board overnight trains, wear your money belt while you sleep. And when you go for a shower, just put it inside a plastic bag and hang it from the shower nozzle so you would remember to wear it again as you dress up.

When you go out for the day, you don’t have to bring everything. Just enough spending money would suffice, and of course, your identification documents. But if you’re not sure how much you are willing to spend for the entire day, you have to make sure that you are also prepared to lose that same amount – because it can really happen. Otherwise, leave most of your cash and other cards in your hotel room.

What’s Inside Your Money Belt

Here's what to keep in it:

  • Passport – the most important thing in your life as a traveller
  • Driver's license – necessary for car rental and can be used as non-passport collateral if you want to use bikes and such.
  • Credit/debit card
  • Cash – bigger bills inside the money belt, smaller bills in your pocket
  • Railpass: as valuable as your cash
  • In case of emergency info – essential phone numbers, hotel information, itinerary, etc. just in case you got into trouble
  • Plastic sheath – protective casing if you want to keep your money belt contents dry

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