Posted on: 26th October 2013

iOs 7 TricksAt long last, the wait is over. Apple’s iOS 7 has arrived. It might look completely different now. So if you’re a little bit confused, here’s a quick guide to all the nifty little tricks that it has tucked away not too obvious for the naked eye.

  • Swipe Down For Search. No need to tap or swipe to the search page. You can easily access Spotlight search from anywhere on the home-screen. Do a quick search across your apps, contacts, and emails. Just swipe down in the middle of the screen. One thing’s interesting though; Apple seems to have removed Spotlight’s ability to search the web.
  • Swipe Up For Toggles. This one’s a long time coming. But at last, toggles! Apple has finally put one-click access with just one swipe away instead of hiding them in settings. I bet they finally concede to admitting that this is one of the most obvious omissions they did for iOS.

You just swipe up from the bottom of the screen in order to get to the new Control Panel. You’ll get one-swipe buttons for things like Airplane mode, Orientation lock, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well as sliders for brightness and media control.

  • Reveal iMessage and SMS Timestamps. The new iOS 7 can reveal the timestamp for each message which is so unlike before where you will only receive a message in a given thread if it is the first one that’s come through in a while. Isn’t that weird? No need to argue anymore about the exact time when a message was sent again.
  • Built-In Level. Yup, iOS 7 now makes it possible to level things with its built-in bubble level. whether you’re hanging a picture or building a house boat, this would come in very handy. Open the compass app, move on the second page, swipe to the left and you will come face to face with the level.
  • Easy Closing of Safari Tabs. If you like having multiple tabs open, then the new 3D tab interface of Safari lets you do exactly that. These tabs, however, have tiny “X” buttons that makes closing them quite frustrating. But don’t concentrate on the X button, just swipe the tabs away to the left.
  • Blocking People from Call/SMS/Facetime. Block people from messaging, calling, or FaceTime-ing you. Use either of these options: go to Settings > Messages > Blocked; or, go to Settings > Phone > Blocked; or, go to Settings > FaceTime > Blocked. It is now a pretty straightforward process.
  • App-By-App Cell Data Usage/Blockage. Save or maximize all those precious megabytes you have by going to Settings > Cellular. There you can see which apps have used the most cell data. You can also block any app from using cell data, like that senseless Pandora streaming when the device is not on Wi-Fi.
  • Closing Apps. In previous iOS versions, you’d double tap the home button to close an app. Wait for the app drawer to slide out and click on the little “X” which appears after long-pressing an icon. For iOS 7, just double tap the home button. It will bring up the full-screen app switcher. Each running application can be seen in a sideways screenshot fashion. Just simply swipe the screenshot for any app you want to close.


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