Posted on: 5th March 2014

Financial crunch is something that many people face even when the economy seems to be going up. People do not want to spend frivolously and look for options to get free merchandise and stuffs available online.

Now that the World Wide Web has narrowed the limitations for continued globalisation, so to speak, there is fierce competition in the market. Companies try to make solid online presence to reach out to more people and to make their products and services known to their audience base. And in order to keep ahead of their competition they are more than willing to give away free gifts and services to the customers hoping to retain them and to win new customers along the way.

There are sites which are only meant to list free gifts and stuff. Then there are some sites which have a part of their website dedicated to give away free stuff. There are many giveaway items online like clothes, furniture, plants and mattresses, to name a few. You can also find sleek and stylish appliances and crockery available as freebies, for those with a keen eye to notice it.  You just need to look around and you will find free stuff which will make your day.

These are the sites for you to begin your search for free stuff online:

Craigslist: The sales section of Craigslist is hugely popular with online shoppers. The site, however, has a part of the site that dedicated to free giveaways. You need to visit the ‘Sale’ section and click on the free link. The items available as free stuff on this link will amaze you. You will find great gadgets, furniture, landscaping material, entertainment centres, baby gear and many other items which would cost few thousand dollars, if not more, in a flea market or auction. The free stuff available is of good quality and you can pick up what you want.

Freecycle: With Freecycle you can become eco-friendly by bringing all your unused stuff to them instead of dumping as landfill waste. Many people come to Freecycle to cast off their unwanted household goods or office equipment. The only aim of the company in doing so is to avoid the things which are in good condition to be used as landfills unnecessarily. You need to be a member of the site in order to be able to use the stuff. You can apply to be a member of the site in your local area. You can be assured that the items that you get from Freecycle are of good quality as compared to the products that are available on other classified sites.

As a member you can post the items that you want to give away and also find out the things that are on offer for free. None of the product available on the free link of the site is to be sold. The groups which work on this site do not follow the “First come, first served” rule. So make sure that you go through the rules of all the groups. In order to keep your membership of the site active you must be a part of the site’s ‘give and take’ process.

EBay Classifieds: eBay is more popular among the internet users as an auction site. There is, however, a section in the site that is meant for free stuff. Ensure that you leave behind a positive feedback for every free item that you get. Needless to say, it is just a simple way of showing appreciation for getting something at no charge at all! This feedback is very important for those users who are giving away freebies and free items.

Freenapkin: This website is no different to many other classified sites apart from one big difference. All the items on this site are free. This website has become all the rage with smart buyers, bargain hunters and online visitors who are looking to give away used merchandise – with no strings attached. Everyone who has something that he or she wants to give away is very much welcome on this site. The items available on this site are on a “First come, first served” basis though. The person who wants any particular item pays the shipping charge on it or collects it over personally. Just a tip: try to find several items you want so you can minimise on shipping cost.

BarterQuest: The other person may have something you may want and you may have something that he or she might also be interested of! BarterQuest is the site that helps you trade what you need instead of having to pay for it. It is one of the most underground yet clever ways of trading today and among the fastest growing way of doing business.

The site offers products like furniture, instrument, antiques and electronic gadgets, though not limited to these things only. You can also find real estate and good working vehicles on it. It’s hard to believe but it’s true! You’ll be astonished at what other people consider as junk but still a valuable property for you. The BarterQuest system is very flexible when it comes to giving and taking of unused or unwanted items; plus, you can also trade services on it. There are people who switch houses for a short budget holiday. That would certainly redefine the meaning of home sweet home. The system has something to offer to all. All you need to do is look around and get exactly what you want. But of course, you have to be cautious before getting into any arrangement.

Happy free stuff hunting online!

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