Posted on: 19th October 2014

Get creative with YouTube video and win a music player for Free!

Many persons have discovered the glee of using YouTube. It can be a fun to see your own videos online and know that others are equally reveling in. It can be the beginning of a career or just a pastime, but taking part in video contests comes with huge benefits both for individuals as well as companies.

Here below are some tips that will help you increase your odds at winning a video competition and receiving exciting prizes…

youtube free music playerBefore you plan your contest-winning video, you must read the instructions carefully. There are some other considerations like if you are required to add music to your video, or add a certain product.

You must start your video with a strong hook. This means once you are sure about your basic storyline, you must search for a gripping way to begin your video entry. If you are successful to jam the minds of spectators in the first few seconds then you will have more chances to win.

To earn some brownie points in the YouTube video uploading competition, you may also flatter your sponsor by mentioning the video contest’s sponsor in your story. Further, you can also use one of their products as a prop. And when the video will be judged by the sponsor this will certainly improve your chances to win.

Now once you have the basic outline of what you want to show the audience, it’s time to write a script.

You will hurt your chances to win a video contest if the settings of the video are messy, or unappealing. Choose filming in a beautiful location outdoors. Besides, you should not make a lengthy video as it may lose the interest of the onlookers it.

For filming your video or do a camera work, including excellent lighting you can take the help of your friend.

At last, once you are over with filing a video, please double-check that you have not missed any guideline and therefore all set to submit it on the mentioned website under your name and address.

Useful tips

  • You need to have video camera, cell phone, or a digital camera with awesome video capability.
  • A clean and tidy area to choose as a perfect backdrop for your video
  • Get innovative by introducing a gripping story.
  • Stay motivated

Have we missed any point? If yes, share your ideas that can help others to choose the path of winning…

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