Uber Now Supporting the Red Cross

Posted on: 24th May 2017

The ride sharing app Uber is getting clever with their way of giving back. In the past they’ve partnered with several charities and made it easy to donate by simply clicking an icon. In their latest partnership with Australian Red Cross, Uber has organised a clothing drive that comes to you.

The Red Cross provides a wide range of humanitarian assistance both locally and globally. Your donation to their shops is funding for teens facing homelessness, refugees, elderly Australians living alone, and communities hit by disaster.

In this donation drive, Red Cross is looking for pre-loved clothing, shoes, and accessories – think things stuffed in your closet you don’t use but are still good enough to give to a friend. They can’t accept toys, books, electrical items or furniture, so stick to what’s in your wardrobe. This is your excuse to declutter for a good cause, but to make it super easy, you don’t have to drop it off yourself. This is where Uber comes in.

This Sunday, May 28 call an Uber and instead of a ride, the driver will take your donation to a Red Cross shop. All it takes is opening the Uber app on your phone between 11am and 4pm. Select the Red Cross Clothing Drive car icon and then the rest works like a normal Uber callout. Tap “Request” and confirm your location.

Participating cities are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Geelong, and Gold Coast. In these locations, Uber will pick up your donation free of charge. Make sure everything is bagged and ready to go as you need to carry it down to your Uber driver’s car. Be prepared for possible delays, which is actually a good sign that everyone in your city is jumping on board.

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