Posted on: 23rd June 2014

Social networking websites have made it easier in remaining connected with anyone. Websites like Twitter has become a platform for the people to express and share their ideas and opinions. Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging website in which people can send and receive 140 character messages known as tweets.

Today plethora of competitions is going on online. With the emergence of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter they do also come out with various types of competitions on these websites. Competitions like sweepstakes, slogan writing, art contests and various other types of competition take place on these websites and they give away exciting prizes to the winners. The competitions on twitter are one of the ways of communicating to the target audience and thereby it helps in generating traffic on the company’s website. The brands use twitter for promoting their business purposes.

Twitter CompetitionsWinning twitter competition can be possible by concentrating on the following steps:

Options of competition available on Twitter

You must first check out the types of Twitter competition available. The twitter competitions are like giving a creative answer to a question. The contestants are required to write an answer in within a word limit. Another type of competition is sweepstakes where winners are chosen on the basis of lucky draw. There are photo contests where contestants are asked to send a photograph and the best photograph will get awarded with a prize. Then there are questions and answers type of question.

Follow the company

This is one of the ways of winning the twitter competition. You must start following the company on Twitter. Many businesses in order to increase the number of followers, ask the contestants to follow the brand which is a prerequisite to enter into a contest.

Retweet to win

This is one of the popular competitions on Twitter and it has effectiveness also. Here contestants are asked to retweet and then they choose the winner through lucky draws.

Know your abilities

You must know your interests while entering into a Twitter competition. Search on the twitter and get to know about the companies carrying out the competitions and then you can take part in it according to your interests. This will make your chances of winning high.

Understand what twitter is all about

This is very essential for you. Until and unless you will get to know about how twitter works, you will not be able to participate in any twitter competition. Get yourself aware about the twitter and how the competitions take place.

Hurry! If still you have not made your account on twitter then make it and win many twitter competitions.

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