Posted on: 7th July 2014

A tweet can make you a winner. Many online competitions are taking place today and they offer various rewards to the winners. There are magazines competitions and various television shows carrying out contests. Since social media has arrived it has gained lot of popularity among people. Day by day the numbers of users are increasing on the various social networking websites. Even companies and many businesses use social networking for promoting their their business and maintaining a direct contact with the target audience.

twitter competitionYou can win extra-ordinary prizes by entering into twitter competitions. Here is more information about twitter competitions:

Know Twitter well

You must know that how twitter works otherwise it is impossible for you to win competitions at twitter. Make an account and if you already have an account then search for types of competitions at twitter.

About tweeting

Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging website on which you can send and receive messages of 140 characters known as tweets. Many celebrities and politicians have made their account and they usually tweet on current issues. Raising different opinions is possible by using twitter. There are various competitions existing on twitter on which people are required to tweet and in return they can win impressive prizes. Tweeting purpose is to express your opinions; you can add photos and videos in your tweets, one can also retweet by sharing someone’s tweet and giving credit to that by typing RT.

 Twitter competition of your interest

Enter into twitter contests that are of your types. If you are new to twitter than enter contests such as sweepstakes and vote contest. After that you can enter into photo contests, caption writing and essay writing competitions. The advanced twitter contests are video contest where a brand will ask the participants to create a video to enter the contest. Another advanced contest is Pinterest contest where you have to create a board on Pinterest and then submit that link to enter. The community then vote and the board with highest votes will get a prize.

Follow the companies and those groups running the contest

You must follow the brands as well as the groups on the twitter. Once you start following them their tweets will come into your news feed. This will help you in getting the knowledge about the competitions and then you can enter into these competitions on time.

Still you have not participated in twitter competitions? Then make an account and start entering into contests to win.

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