Tristan Assent $3 Million Scratch-Off Winner

Posted on: 16th September 2013

There are many contest winners these days; research and TV tell us that there's a whole class of new millionaires based on winning various contests. But the first tip is that you have to enter to win. Several people enter contests as a living, and you can too. It can become a regular profession if you wish. Here is an example of someone who never thought he would win in a 'million' years. But he won several of them.

Scratch-Off WinnerTristan Assent is a hard working person who won it big. He has maintained two jobs and supported a family for several years. But now that he has won Three Million in the New York Lottery, he has decided to take it easy and go into business for himself. After seeing an ad about a mail clerk (just like himself) winning it big, he decided to play the scratch-off and won. He couldn't believe his eyes. He mailed in his ticket and picked up his check during his lunch break a few weeks later.

The Scratch-off Winner in February of this year, he will receive around ninety thousand dollars for the next twenty years after taxes. Contest winners spend millions of dollars a year like Tristan, but never win. Still, there are so many contests, there are millionaires in the country who fall into that category. Just about every state has a Scratch-off Lottery that exists to cover costs for something that contributes to the social good. For California it contributes to school funding and education.

So, if you are competitive, and like to have fun at the same time, you should visit our web site and join some of the contests listed there. There are great prizes, even some cash. But most of all you will have the time of your life trying. What a way to entertain yourself and enjoy the results if you win as well. Come visit us as soon as possible.

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