Posted on: 24th January 2014

As time goes by, what remains in any tried and tested relationship is well...unlike many of you might have guessed, it ain’t love. It’s a couple’s ability to look beyond what is momentary, what is young, passing, romantic and spontaneous. It is lovers’ honed skill of synching in with each other without even trying. It’s perhaps the word companionship and acceptance of one another that signify the true meaning of a lasting connection. To get there, any couple can tell you that it’s a journey. And what better way to pave the way towards the destination every love struck pair would voyage for but taking trips together anywhere on earth. For in the end, companionship and acceptance of each other’s idiosyncrasies can only be forged with a solid foundation of good vibe memories unexpectedly gained during trips together.

But how to go on trips together, when and where to go and what to do? Here are some trip tips sure to not only keep the fire burning but also serve as guiding lights along the long and winding road to forever.

Travel TipsTip #1 Share the moments. Whether it’s talking about how you met or the first time you kissed, allow yourself to go down memory lane and share the feelings with your significant other. Test how attuned you are with your love by cracking inside jokes, acting silly or calling each other by your own unique terms of endearment --- a very intimate and private act --- in public places and amidst strangers. For some it might be a real effort but it will surely leave no room for boredom. Au contraire, it will give you and your dearest that affirmation that you two are really meant for each other.

Tip #2 Release and let go. Although careful planning is essential to any trips, anything can turn up and create havoc to what should have been a pleasant getaway. The trick to battle any disaster is to turn it upside down and make the most of it. Maintain a no-hassle outlook and generate positivity and surely, your partner will not only be comforted by your attitude but also be optimistically infected by your good aura, a quality of utmost importance to battle the tides of times to come.

Tip #3 Slow down. Related to tip #2, this slowing down mode is a chance for many relationships to be assessed, confirmed and even re-thought. With the pacing of the world today, the details are sometimes neglected if not forgotten. It’s a pity that sweet nothings are expressed coldly through text messages or impersonal messages left in voice mailboxes. These trips are your chance to revel in how much time you missed each other and how much more you would want to be together. So use it wisely and don’t cloud the pacing with trivial ‘to-do’s’ during your trips.

Tip #4 Pamper each other. With tips #2 and #3 taking care of the souls in soul mates, this tip is all about indulging the other components of the being, generally meaning the senses, specifically pertaining to the duo sensual senses of taste and touch. Splurge on lavish spas, exquisite lodgings and sumptuous restaurants to excite once again the ageing embers in your union. Once in a while is not a sin. Look at it as a well-meaning investment to a rewarding future together.

Tip #5 Disengage to maintain engaged. It might be ironic but the trick to maintaining a long lasting and healthy combination is to maintain the essence of each component. In other words, learning how to go out solo or on your own during together trips can really spark the fire for obvious reasons that giving each other space to pursue each other’s interest only strengthens the confidence of one another with each other’s individuality. After all, before there were two who decided to become one? Understanding and accepting that two ones are separate entities is part and parcel of the whole deal indisputably strengthens the decision to unite as one.

Keeping in mind these tips, while taking trips together throughout the years, is a full pledged measure to harvest the good vibes memories which are needed to keep the light burning strong in any relationship. Hold them dear and near to your hearts and you and your sweetheart can never be lead astray with the various distractions and misleading signs which might plague your way to that beautiful destination of true companionship and acceptance.


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