Posted on: 4th August 2014

Surveys have proven that people with pets tend to live longer than those with none. One can’t be too sure about ones time on this planet but with these cute furry friends of ours, our quality of life improves. Pets evoke a sense of responsibility and inspire a better and happy living. The concept of extending love, care, and affection towards individuals of other species, without any selfish intention involved, has been associated with mankind since the dawn of civilization. Dogs have been known to be the first pets and are man’s best friend. Today, the pet world has expanded and includes cats, pigs, birds, fishes, hamsters, horses, tortoises, crabs and so on.

Sharing a traveling experience with pets whether to a far off place of to just a weekend getaway is a special gesture which takes our bonds with our pets to a new level. With many pet-friendly airlines and hotels today, traveling with pets has become easier and tassel free. The entire point of traveling with pets has the sole aim of having a vacation with your best buddy by your side is having a relaxing refuge from your everyday monotony.

Pet TravelPets are a constant companion and they beautify everybody’s childhood. Whether it’s a game of fetch in the beach or a field or an evening snuggling with your 4-legged friend in front of the fireplace or near a camp fire, these memories would never be the same without the unwavering devotion and love that our pets bestow on us. The look of sheer pleasure on your dogs face when he is simply hanging out his head outside the car window is enough to make you smile even on the worst day in your office.

But traveling with pets is a big responsibility as well. A little carelessness on your part can be suffered dearly by your buddy. Vacations and family holidays are fun times but if you are not on your guard, then your vacation might end up with a visit to the emergency veterinary hospital. Keep this in mind always, your pets are like children; they might get lose and get lost or eat something exotic they are not supposed to, they don’t have any traffic sense, and the most common occurrence of all, they might just get too worked up about something and trip or get themselves into something awful.

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