Posted on: 25th May 2014

Foreign Exchange

The riel (KHR) is Cambodia’s legal tender and exchanges at the rate of 4,000 to US$1. Although you may use the US dollar to purchase anything, changes are usually given in riel. Take note, however, that Cambodia’s money can only be utilized inside the country as banks outside the country will neither accept it nor exchange it. You may withdraw US dollars at ATMs servicing international banks found in any major tourist destination all over the country.

Safety and Security

Although one of the underdeveloped countries in the world, Cambodia is still surprisingly safe to visit. Violent crime is uncommon but petty theft is prolific so it is always advisable to contain alcohol intake if you’re on your own and walking the streets of even the busiest streets in town.

The police force is particularly plagued with the usual corruption so be wary of extortionist officers who will try to dupe you especially if you get robbed. If unfortunate enough, treat the misfortune as a warning to be more alert since a formal investigation and concrete resolution will most likely be non-existent.

Travel Tips While in CambodiaMedical Facilities

It is highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance, if you haven’t done yet, before travelling to Cambodia. For major injuries or sickness requiring hospitalization and/or surgery, we advice flying to Singapore or Thailand for treatment and care as doing so in Cambodia is a risk not worth taking in any event.


Considered very lax, driving in Cambodia require extra defensive skills as motorists do not possess the courtesy and knowledge of safe road rules and habits. With a non-existing seatbelt or helmet policy, expect safety hazards especially if riding on motorcycle taxis (known locally as motos), the major mode of transportation. If you’re up to it, you may opt to pursue public transportation, which will basically take you to major destinations at reasonable prices.

Travel Permits

For more information, we recommend you visit the Cambodian visa page prior to obtaining the required Cambodian visa.

Khmer Lingo

We recommend mastering the major phrases and commonly used words since the language is extremely hard to comprehend even if Khmer is less tonal compared to the languages in Laos, Vietnam and Thailand.


Cambodia is an all year round HOT country that has two seasons, dry and wet. Bring light clothing and your flip flops to lessen the chances of sweating throughout your stay, thus making your trip enjoyable and comfortable. The Cambodia weather page will give you a more in depth understanding of what to expect.

Still Under the Works...

Cambodia is still evolving, so to speak so expect the unexpected which will definitely make your trip priceless. Bus schedules are for formality, menus in restaurants are for aesthetics and manpower and hospitality staffs are still undergoing rigorous training. Our recommendation is to espouse a laid-back disposition to anything and everything.

But Worth While to Visit

You’ll be sure to keep on coming back once you’ve experience the adventure and eccentricities only Cambodia can offer. There are more to this country than the famed Angkor and travel to it is not for the faint hearted or the obsessively hygienic but who knows, the scenery, destinations, history and activities might just be what you need to overcome your fears and open your soul up to taking more challenging and worthwhile travels and vacations.

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