Posted on: 8th March 2014

Are you the type of a person who would gladly pack their bags and get all set and ready to travel the world if given the chance? Do you love travelling but whenever you think of your pocket, your desire to travel dies deep within? No matter how tight it may be, your budget should not be a hindrance in letting you enjoy your dream vacations with your loved ones.

You may feel that paying your bills is more important than planning for an unworkable vacation perhaps. Yes, it is true. But if you aim to achieve your goal and plan your vacations thoughtfully, it will not be that much unworkable after all. You just need to have the following qualities in order to be able to plan your dream vacation.

Wait for the Right Time

Take time to find out the best deals for yourself. Do not rush. Choose the best economical flight schedule and reasonably priced hotel deal that serves the basic purpose for you. However, keep in mind that you should be able to apply for a holiday on a short notice and have your passport ready at all times.

Plan Things in Advance

Though it may seem contrary to the aforementioned, one can find the best deals if booking is done either way in advance or at the 11th hour. Try to arrange everything 7 to 8 months in advance to get the cheapest deals from travel agents. Here you have to be careful to choose a date where you are sure you and your family must be available.

Pick your Vacation Destination Wisely

Instead of going for expensive vacation resorts, choose a place where you know all your costs would be well accounted for, and you will enjoy as equally as you would at a comparatively much expensive destination.

Take an Initiative

Instead of relying on travel agents for each and everything, take out some time and compare prices online. Check different deals and find out the price differences for lodging, flights, hotels and dining, tourist resorts, etc.

Avoid Travelling during Season Peaks

If you feel you don’t particularly need to visit a place during a specific season, avoid travelling during the peak of summer or winter seasons. Mostly during season peaks, there is a large number of tourists and hence, prices are naturally significantly high. Go at some other time where you feel you will be charged half for a hotel room or for that perfect piece of fried fish with French fries.

Learn to Bargain Reasonably

Do not be duped by what your travel agent tells you. It is not necessary that if they are claiming to be giving you the best deal, they are telling the truth. No, bargain with them. Learn to convince them that their best deal is yet to be offered. Eventually they will cut down on their price once they feel that they may lose you to another broker.

Think Smartly

Try to find a hotel that is in the outskirts of the main city and try to avoid accommodations in the heart of a city as they would be more expensive.

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