Posted on: 20th January 2014

It seems that everyone has, one time or another, had “travel the world” on his/her bucket list but cannot do so because of the overwhelming expense it entails. Well here are some tips on how to finally conquer this item without adding another bucket list item of “avoid getting broke”.

Tip 1: Plan ahead of time. It seems simple but really, traveling does not have to be complicated if planned ahead of time. Safest time span is a year ahead. Make it a habit of checking websites known for offering good deals on airline tickets and compare prices. Have at least 10-15 sites to compare prices from and further narrow your choices according to airlines. Try to avoid destinations that can be classified as frequented by business people because tickets to go there will cost expensive all year round. And of course, book dates that are “low season” dates for that destination. It will not only save you money but can also save you the hassle of having to compete for lodging due to overcrowding of guests checking in.

Tip 2: Be flexible. As what the saying, “it’s not the destination from point a to point b but the journey in between” implies, the difference between enjoying a low-budget vacation and a forever-etched horror of an R&R is one’s ability to maintain an open mind on the whole experience, from the thought of traveling to the actual arrival at your destination. If under a low or constrained budget, you might have to choose the itinerary that has a lot of stop/lay overs but instead of letting the fatigue and inconveniences bog you down, treat it as an adventure and a chance to get to know the different places along the way. After all, it is a part of your vacation so keep smiling and relax.

Tip 3: Be completely on vacation mode. A weekend or a long weekend getaway, plus a couple more days, may seem to be an eternity for someone who is not used to vacationing but to expect to get the best deal for your money, you have to allot more than a week for the authentic vacation mode to really set in. Traveling to and fro already will eat up at least a day and the adjustment period (i.e., jet lag, culture shock, settling in at your lodging, etc.) another one or two days so really, seven to ten days is the ideal vacation time. Except for security reasons and depending on the country you have chosen, modern day gadgets really have no place in your luggage. Be present at wherever you are vacationing and partake of the experience. Do not fall under the lure of your everyday routine or techie habits. Allow all your senses to vacation and do not confine yourself to be a spectator of the new surroundings, instead, be a participant of the moment.

Tip 4: Eat like the locals. Provided that you have taken the necessary health precautions to protect yourself, splurge on locally available delicacies. Moreover, it is always best if these local food stuffs are prepared by you. Not only will this ensure cleanliness and the truest taste of the local food but the whole experience can be fun, relaxing and part of the whole adventure sans the “arm and a leg” service charge and bland taste of most commonly served restaurant food.

Whatever or wherever your next travel destination will be, just keep these tips in mind and you can never go wrong. Simple and almost common knowledge but a lot of people surprisingly forget them as they get overwhelmed by the enormous task of traveling on a budget.

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