Posted on: 21st October 2013

If you want to indulge and splurge in the finer things in life, go on a world travel and experience pleasure, adventure, and luxury. If you could only choose a handful for your adventure expedition around the globe, where would you begin?

Pack up your bags and take a look at these options.

First stop is in Lake Baikal in Russia. Lying between Irkutsk Oblast and the Buryat Republic, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is 1.7 km in depth. It is around 25 million years old and is home to more than 1,000 species of endemic flora and fauna. Afterwards, check out the majestic palaces and cathedrals that litter the land. The gilded structures have extraordinary architectural details that would make you gasp. Even Versailles would pale in comparison with the Tsarkoe Selo and the Peterhoff. St. Petersburg and Moscow is home to a wide array of museums, art galleries, and opulent attractions that feature the rich heritage and culture of Russia. This land of passionate romance and vivid imagination will make your world adventure travel truly unforgettable.

Travel Destinations Worth The PriceAnd then off you go to Alaska, where the spectacular wildlife and rugged wilderness will challenge any adventure seekers to the limit. It is not only home to many endangered species but is also a great place to engage in extreme outdoor activities such as white-water rafting, scuba diving, kayaking, and hunting. Polar bears, moose, and foxes abound in this region so if you are more than curious about these creatures, this is the place to be during your world adventure tour. Immerse yourself with the rich tradition, history, and heritage of Alaska as you join aboriginal tribes in their festivals and listen to their stories about their totem poles and blanket toss.

If your world adventure tour takes you to Australia, don’t just spend all your days at the beach. Though nobody can blame you, take time to appreciate the diversity of its wild animal species. The Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Fraser Island, the National Gallery of Australia, and the Great Barrier Reef are also some of the famous attractions that would keep you busy every second of the day. The ancient rain forests, the rugged landscape settings, the lush jungles, and the gorgeous wine regions are all beckoning you to stay a little bit longer and just have a blast.

If you are supporting educational tourism and sustainable living, head out to Antarctica. Just watching the whales play around the Drake Passage is the once-in-a-lifetime activity that you surely can boast to family and friends back home. If you do not mind burning a hole in your pocket – since flights here are outrageously expensive – then just focus on the adorable antics of the emperor penguins, king penguins, macaroon penguins, and its other species. You will need more than just two memory cards while here because you would not be able to resist taking pictures of different kinds of birds, all sorts of icebergs, gorgeous whales, and even just the pristine surroundings. Antarctica is one unique destination that would make your world tour a cherished memory for a lifetime.

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