Posted on: 7th May 2014

Experts advise that to win at sweepstakes you need to work hard at it; you would have to enter 30-100 sweepstakes/ contests/ competition every day to ensure that you really win something worthwhile and keep winning. Most people feel winning is all about luck, but it is not. You need other ingredients to attract prizes and these are among others, hard work, a well drawn strategy and perseverance.

There are many who make sweepstakes a very lucrative side passive income – and all these winners would tell you that it does take hard work. You also need to be very organized so you would be able to track ALL the sweepstakes you enter and you would not miss a deadline or the opportunity to pick up a prize because you missed the announcement.

A few of the best ways to track your entries are briefly outlined below. You could use one or a combination of two or more to ensure that you always stay on the top of it:

  1. Google Spreadsheet ( – this is perhaps the easiest to launch and use among all available solutions. This is why it is also extremely popular. The greatest advantage with Google spreadsheet is that it is user friendly; anyone can start using it right from Day-1.

You can fill in all the details of the sweepstakes you enter and can access these details from anywhere as Google spreadsheet will be available wherever you have access to Net. You do not need to download anything, learn anything or worry about compatibility. Plus, this is completely free. The only possible downside is that you will need to register (which is also free) and have a Google Account to use this program.

  1. Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet – you can use the window-based Microsoft excel spreadsheet just in the same way as Google spreadsheet. Now this is also compatible with Mac computers as well. You could use this tutorial if you want to start using it - or any other free tutorial on the Net. The downside is that Microsoft requires a license which may be pricey. If you already are using Windows, then learning excel is not too much trouble.
  1. Forum Posts – this is another very useful and easy to use method to track your sweepstakes. You could start a thread in any sweepstakes forum and update it regularly. This is best when you want to keep track of your winnings. The advantages offered by this method is that it would be available wherever Net is available, it is free, and you do not have to learn or download anything. The downside is that it allows you to organize limited information.

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