Posted on: 31st October 2014


Tracey Harrison is still puzzled by what “compers’ means, not knowing all along that she is just one of those lucky ones. All she wanted to focus on is the sweet, sweet smell of victory when she nabbed a brand new iPad Mini. Now, she’s spending a lot of time learning how to use it. She could never afford to buy one even if it was something she has always wanted.

“…winning one (iPad Mini) was very special for me, it made me smile & brought some joy to my life.”

Here are more of her thoughts about her brand-new iPad Mini.

Have you already bought/won an iPad mini in the past? If you already have one, what are your plans for your new iPad mini?

No, not bought or won one in the past.

Tracey Harrison Apple iPad Mini WinnerWhat do you like the most about the iPad mini?

I love everything about it & finding out new things every day on how to use, thank heavens for those “how to use your ipad magazines’. I’m not a tech head, so the every little bit of info helps.

Love reading on my mini ipad, especially when I’m in bed, don’t have to have the light on. Love the size of the mini ipad fits perfectly into my handbag, easy to hold onto the mini size is perfect for me.

What do you hate the most about it or if compared to other tablets in the market, what do you wish it could have?

Don’t hate anything about my mini ipad, don’t know much about those other tablets on the market so delighted & grateful for what I have.

What are the iPad mini’s coolest apps?

There are so many apps available, I love ibooks as I love to read (is that an app?) I do love Candy Crush like most of us do.

What new downloadable apps on iPad mini are worth a try?

I haven’t downloaded really any apps as it’s all very new to me. Mostly download books to read.

Any advice for compers out there who are crazy about Apple devices?

What’s Compers?

Do you still wish you could win more Apple devices in the future? Why or why not?

Yes. Yes I would love to have the opportunity to win more Apple devices in the future please, how exciting that would be. I see people out & about with fancy laptops (which I don’t even have) & gadgets & they all seem so enthralled with them, it astounds me & I guess I wonder why & what the fuss is. I would love to know.

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