Posted on: 4th January 2014

If you are serious about wanting to win contests and sweepstakes you need get the right tools to help you. To win – contrary to common belief – you need much more than just luck. You need first of all, the capability to enter as many contests as possible; and to be able to do so you will need a few tools at hand to speed up the process and keep you on the right track:

  •  Auto-fillers – auto-fillers are those software programs which will be able to fill in automatically your name, address, phone numbers, and other non-sensitive details that most contests require from the participants. By having these details on automatic filler software, you save enormous amount of time and are saved from redundancy.

Some of the best auto-fillers are – roboform (, Sxipper for FireFox ( and KeyBoard Express ( among others. There are many more excellent programs on the Net, but you could start with these.

Most browsers will have an auto-complete function. Make sure you activate it.

  • Subscribe To Sites That Compile Information About Contests And Competitions – you could subscribe and check sites such as [insert your own link here],,,, for Australia based competitions. There are similar sites that list international competitions. Be careful about the eligibility. Most contests will have nationality eligibility; you need to enter those contests that are open to you. The national ones are open only to Australian nationals normally; the international ones will allow entries from all over the world.


  • Writers’ Aids – for the writers who need help while they create those winning entries check WinInspiration ( for a long list of winning slogans so you could get some material to get going and create your own unique entries; and RhymeZone ( – get help with rhyming words for your poems/ humorous two-liners, etc.


  • Information Aids – some competitions require that you know facts about a certain subject. When you need information which is accurate and update use Google for search and WikiPedia which has an enormous database on every conceivable subject. There is also an excellent site OneAcross ( that will help you with your crossword puzzle competitions.


  • Check The Legitimacy Of The Contest – check the address. It should not be just an email or a PO Box. Check on Whois ( database where the registration of the site is made. A good indicator is ranking on Alexa (; the ranking should be high (top 100,000 would mean they are big) which would indicate they are more likely to be legitimate.

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