Top Tips To Win Free Stuff

Posted on: 3rd March 2013

3Free StuffWith many companies spending millions of dollars yearly for advertising and the retention of loyal customers, new and ingenious ways are being developed to encourage consumers to to become loyal to products and services.

A popular thing that companies do is to offer promotional item giveaways. They will allow you to sample their products and use their services with the hope that later on you will have a strong desire to purchase when the need arises. You can gain access to soda pop, hot dogs or spend time with family or friends at a popular hotel without it costing you anything.

Companies will devote large sums of capital for advertising to pull customers into developing a taste for their products by giving away free samples.

A popular sales pitch that is used by timeshares to get customers is giving away a free night at one of their locations. The catch is that you will have to listen to a presentation for an hour long which is used as their sales pitch. If you don't mind spending the hour listening to the presentation then you can go ahead and take the free night that is being offered.

Persons who love theatrical arts but are unable to purchase tickets can volunteer to assist as ushers. All you will have to do is spend a few minutes prior to the show assisting persons to their seats, when the show begins you can sit at the back and enjoy the performance for free.

Many restaurants and stores will offer punch cards, which gives you a discount on a product once you have purchased a certain amount of items. These include ice cream, clothing, music, shoes.

Credit card companies, large retail stores and gas stations will offer credit cards that will give rewards. These rewards are usually discounts or cash back when you use them. Consumers will need to use these items wisely as overuse can have a toll on your credit report. On the other hand if you use one or two of them the savings will add up over time.

You can find free items on websites that are called free cycling websites. These websites allow you to advertise items that you no longer have need for. Persons who have a need for such items can visit these websites to get access these items. There are many items that are being offered which persons choose to donate as a form of good will.

Several things to consider

Entering sweepstakes and drawings can be very time consuming to enter plus the odds of winning maybe small depending on the competitions that you are entering. Just keep in mind that if you do not enter then the chances of you winning is zero.

When you are purchasing a house you are required to put down some money. This allows you to get a better interest rate for your mortgage. The principle is the same for smaller items such are cars and gym memberships. With a deposit you can negotiate better terms for your purchase as money now, is much more appealing than money at a later date. If their is a service that you would like to access but do not have the cash upfront then you can offer your services such as doing yard work for the instructor or any legal and moral service.

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