Posted on: 1st August 2014

Many companies are on a race to win the hearts and minds of consumers. They are spending big chunks of their yearly budget for their company’s advertising and promotional activities.  Millions of dollars are spent to attract new consumers, and to capture and maintain the loyalty of customers.

Companies offer discounts, free samples, free giveaways, freebies, and prizes or free services to introduce their product’s taste, quality, etcetera or whatever their product offers to the public. The company hopes that once the consumer has experienced how wonderful their product is, they will be persuaded to choose and purchase the product that they are promoting.

From free grocery products, to gadgets even free weekend getaways to a popular hotel are available to lucky customers.

Free StuffThere are many ways how to get free stuff out there and in the net. All that is needed is a little bit of resourcefulness and patience to have access to all these freebies.

Tip 1. People who love concerts and the theatrical arts do not have to spend money for the tickets. They can ask the promoter for a part time job or regularly volunteer as an usher, and they would only have to assist the people before and after the concert. You can then watch the performances for free.

Tip 2. You can ask for product samples, contact the companies of the ones you are interested in. Write them, you don’t have to lie or make some elaborate stories. Tell them that you are not happy with your present brand and you are interested in trying their products and if you like them, you will purchase them and recommend them to your families and friends. You don’t have to make any definite promises, and if you are lucky more than one company will send you samples.

Tip 3. You can find a lot of free items in the web. From freebies, to promotional giveaways, to online competitions that give away wonderful prizes, they offer latest gadgets, home theatre system, and other very desirable stuff.  There are sites that are literally dedicated to give away samples and they even inform their followers that there are free samples available to be given away.

Tip 4. And there are also sites that are trying to help the environment, at the same time they give away free items.  All you have to do are follow some rules and be a member, which is worth it. They promote the reuse of products, you can give away any stuff that you don’t like and get any item they have that you want without paying for anything.  Another site promotes barter and exchange of items, they are free and all you have to do is pay for the shipping or pick them up yourself.

Tip 5. And one of the most common means to get free stuff online is by down loading music, you can also down load TV shows, videos and movies. There are many websites that legally provide this service for free.  You don’t have to get into popular site that ask for fees to down load music. You can minimize or totally cut off your exorbitant cable bills.

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