Posted on: 3rd September 2014

My wife finds me the most seductive man in the world. Well, I am hoping it is all because of the trendy perfumes which I keep on changing as per my needs and desires. I am a very fashionable man who keeps an eye on fashion world and its latest entries. So, here is my best chosen list of perfumes for 2014 to choose from and make an impression that she won’t forget ever….

Gucci by Gucci

If you believe to live a life king size, where you are surrounded by hot ladies then go for this perfume. It is a guaranteed expression of luxury and class and is going to fulfill all your requirements. Its fresh and alluring aroma is highly intoxicating and looks picture-perfect to enhance your manliness. You are lucky as it comes in affordable price and its consistent positive reviews adding a lot to increase its day to day purchase.

Dirty English by Juicy Couture

Yes, it is bit more expensive but who really cares when there is a point to entice your lady love. It is confirmed by the makers and its regular customers that whosoever has used it in the past never failed to win over million hearts. The strong blend of blue cypress, bergamot wood, amber musk and mandarin make it an original scent which is a must-buy for a real man.

Gucci by GucciEscape by Calvin Klein

The strong and rich blend of rosemary, apple bergamot and juniper leave no stone unturned to make it a man’s lover. It is masculine, sexy and classic and therefore worth-recommending especially when you are on date and aspire to seduce her completely. However, whosoever has used in the past consider it as another unforgettable cologne, worth-gifting to the one you love the most.

JOOP! By Joop

Its exotic scent and long-lasting nature makes it a product of the year. It is a 5-star hot-selling perfume among men and women. Nevertheless, its competitive pricing and masculine feature are behind its instant purchase.

Allure Sport by Chanel

Its reasonable pricing, memorable fragrance, and a unique and hypnotizing blend of orange white musks, vetiver and aquatic note is enough for a memorable start.

 So, choose anyone of these above-mentioned perfumes that you think has the ability to pamper the man in you. But I can only say that each one of these colognes available in the market is best to captivate her heart fully.  

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