Posted on: 7th August 2014

2014 Is an important milestone in mankind’s history of inventions (we have really come a long way from making fire from stones). Brace yourself for the jaw-dropping list of the most mind-blowing gadgets of 2014.

  1. Goji Smart Lock: imagine a life where you don’t have to worry about locking your front door or losing your keys and the ordeal of remembering where you kept the spare keys. Goji Smart Lock, which is accessible by a wide spectrum of Smart phones, helps you lock the door from anywhere, unlocks the door when you approach it, and sends you the picture of anybody at your doorstep.
  2. HABU App: ever wanted things to be influenced by your mood? With HABU App you can have your perfect playlist prepared to specifically suit your every mood from the songs of your music library and global music database.Top 2014 Gadgets
  3. June Bracelet: this summer fight the ravages of sun on your skin by a smart and beautiful bracelet that gauges the exact UV level in the sunlight and your daily exposure to it. Based on it, it prescribes an accurate protection measure including the type of screen you need to put on through your Smart phone.
  4. LaCie Sphere Hard Drive: finally a gadget where art meets technology. Handcrafted and molded in silver, this hard drive is a perfect sphere designed by Christofle with technology from LaCie and offers 1TB storage space and uses no power with additional USB functionality and available at $490.
  5. Panomo Panoramic Camera: taking photographic experience to an entirely new level, this camera is capable of taking pictures and videos at 360°.
  6. Pebble Steel Smart watch: introducing a new generation of smart watches, Pebble launches a watche which allows access to your emails, SMSs, calendar, music control, and all your favorite apps with a long-lasting battery and compatibility with Android and Apple devices.
  7. Kolibree Toothbrush: world’s first e-toothbrush inspiring healthy dental habits. It gives feedbacks on your brushing techniques by connecting to your iOS and Android devices and would save you a visit to your dentist.
  8. LG’s Home Chat: bring life to your daily home appliances, LG Home Chat allows you to control and finish your daily chores without your involvement and toil. This gadget enables all your smart home appliances to work as per your specifications.
  9. iGrill2 Bluetooth Meat Thermometer: getting a perfect grilled chicken has never been so easier. You can control the proceedings of your grilled cuisine from a distance of 150' without constantly hovering over it. Facilitated by Bluetooth functionality, grill your meat at the perfect temperature.
  10. Flir One Personal Thermal Imager Case: turn your iPhone into a thermal imaging device right out of a Bond movie with this app. Cannot think of any practical use of it but it is cool to have one for sure.

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