Top Free iPad Apps

Posted on: 28th February 2013

Free iPad AppsThe iPad is undoubtedly one of the best tablet computers on the market. It's enjoyed success after success since its launch three years ago. Its operating system,  iOS, can be be equipped with plenty of free apps that give you optimum performance and tailor your Apple tablet to your needs.


Top Free iPad Apps


It's hard to believe that these iPad apps can be yours with no strings attached. It makes you want to win ipad contests, to get your hands on a table of your own to fill with these free apps.



The dazzling news magazine layout makes it easier for you to navigate through your favourite blog posts, news feeds, and other websites.


OnLive Desktop

You won't miss Windows because this impressive free app offers a seamless desktop experience with cloud-based Web browsing and other services to keep you busy at your work station.


Paper by FiftyThree

This free sketch app makes iPad more than just a consuming device. It allows you to create stunning works of art; or maybe just polish your potential creativity.



Google’s brower ffers more functionality than Apple's native Safari. It syncs open tabs, bookmarks, and passwords from the desktop version. Private surfing is also possible due to the 'Incognito' feature; perfect if your partner likes to play with your tablet too!



Comixology’s app offers more than 30,000 comics, without the material waste of plastic bags and backing boards. Going digital has never been so lightweight and convenient.



Getting the latest gossip from your friends is easy with the official Facebook app. Chatting with pals, snapping photos, and playing games are just some of the perks that go with it.


Wikipanion for iPad

Researching your favourite TV references or movie synopsis is quick and simple with Wikipanion, making Wikipedia look like a thing of the past.


Google Earth

Explore every nook and cranny of the planet, from the comfort of your bedroom by installing the Google Earth app. Globetrotting is taken to a completely new level.


Large screens and lightweight features are the perfect combination for reading ebooks on your iPad or iPad mini. You won't want to go back to paperback or hardbound editions of your favourite novels.



This app provides the tools you need for simple photo editing. With minimal effort, you can get awe-inspiring results; and enter them into photography competitions to win big prizes.



Whether you are a superfan of a famous musician, or you just love sharing your photos with friends, the official Twitter app on your iPad or iPad mini is a must for Tweet addicts.


iTunes U

Save tons on tuition fees with this valuable app, Its free digital courses cover a wide array of subjects offered in prestigious institutions such as Stanford and Yale. Both students and professors can benefit from the different lectures presented here.


Pocket (Formerly Read it Later)

When you are always in a hurry but you don’t want to miss out on fantastic articles you have browsed online, this app allows you to save a text and access it later in an easy-to-read format.


Find My iPhone

If you're a forgetful person, this app is a lifesaver. It can track down any missing or misplaced iOS device or Mac. iOS 6 users can activate 'Lost Mode' when they have no clue as to the whereabouts of their iPad for example. It displays your phone number and prevents access while you follow its trail.



Forego the traditional paper and pen for jotting down thoughts or keeping notes in class or at work with this cloud-based resource. Its ability to sync your notes between all sorts of devices puts it on top of must-haves free apps for iPad and iPad mini.



Moving files and sending documents to and from the device is made much simpler with this free app.


Imo Messenger

The jack-of-all-trades chatting app allows you to communicate with pals and clients from just one location. Add your Facebook Chat, AIM, Skype, Google Talk, and Steam accounts and you won’t need to login anywhere else but here.





Cooking enthusiasts and kitchen newbies will fall in love over and over again with their ipad or iPad mini, thanks to this slick-looking app. It has an abundance of recipes to hone your culinary skills or to ou help ywhip up something special for your love ones. Separate panes for ingredients and directions make it easy to navigate.



Unlike other apps, Songza is the most sublime iPad option that streaming radio fans can get their hands on. Its impressive Concierge function automatically puts on music you want to listen to depending on your current mood. Magic.


Nightstand Central Free

Not your typical alarm clock, Nightstand Central has multiple alarm settings and an adjustable snooze time. It works even if the device is sleeping or the screen is locked.


Dragon Dictation

When you are too lazy to type or when you are just in a hurry, this voice-controlled app will get your text or email to friends and business associates faster. It supports a myriad of languages.


TeamViewer HD

Get access to remote computers from your iPad or iPad mini when your loved ones or colleagues encounter computer problems.


Action Burn

Stay fit and trim with this energizing app. You can track your workouts and calculate calories burnt as you work towards a healthier body.


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