Posted on: 6th September 2014

From rum-fuelled beach revelries to spectacular dancing with fast-flowing drinks, there is nothing as delightful as after-hours entertainment. When the clock strikes many of the world’s iconic cities come alive, and prepare you for big late night experiences. The vibrant, classy and most romantic décor of pubs and discotheques leaves you thunderstruck when you decide to paint the town red.

Here especially for you we have rounded up some really hot and happening destinations of the world that look perfect for a fun-packed break…

Tokyo, Japan

The capital city caters to the needs of live music lovers. For a more colorful experience, you can tread towards the oldest Western-style bar, Kamiya Bar, it homes Denki Bran liquor. It is invented in Tokyo only mainly includes red wine, curacao, gin and brandy. However, the international spirit is also well reflected in traditional Japanese Kabhuki shows and jazz acts.

Top Destinations for Night LoversBerlin, Germany

The capital city of Germany is a favorite-hideout for nightlife lovers. It doesn’t throw tantrums and therefore party venues are open until the early hours of the morning. You won’t believe but yes, the well-dressed man barman of the Victoria Bar, 70s style lounge, will present you some finest liquor drinks. Nevertheless, he may take you to old-school cocktails, a perfect example of unmatched luxury and true elegance. However, if still you want to try crafted drinks in sheer quirky décor, here is Green Door that welcomes you with open arms.

Rio De Janerio, Brazil

How acquainted are you to the world’s sensation, “BRAZIL LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA”? Well, it is not just its songs overall city looks thrilling yet inviting to get you dance to its tunes. The best is well observed at Rio, the city of Samba. It is one of the unmatched options for late-night party lovers. Its most eye-catching arena that mostly attacks city’s elites like actors, sports stars and socialites is Bar D’ Hotel. So, if by chance you wonder to enjoy pristine views of the sea as well as well-crafted cocktails, just come here.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

For a well-planned night out that puts on show dancing, food and music, all rolled into one, move towards Rojo Tango. The club is not for the faint of heart as it is stocked with a tango cabaret show, a three-course meal and live orchestra.

Miami, Italy

The authentic Venetian flavors, seaside beach parties, a sip of cocktails made from garden-fresh produce; all are available here.

Traveling is best expressed through celebrations. What can be best then exchanging culture over the tinkling of short glasses amid the showy lights?

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