Posted on: 11th July 2014

The second item on the list of every girl’s dream life, after a big, glorious wedding, is a romantic honeymoon with her new husband in an exotic honeymoon destination off the pages of some famous wedding magazine.

In today’s generation, it is an established fact that honeymoons are an absolute must. Whether in a far-off tropical island or a few weeks in the country side, dreams and plans for honeymoons dwell in the hearts of all lovebirds (maybe even before the ring is popped) and undoubtedly dominates their day-dreams.

The Caribbean islands are one of the most romantic and widely opted places by the couples all over the world, which tops almost every chart of best honeymoon destinations. The coasts of Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba, Mauritius, and Honolulu predominate most of the honeymoon bookings. These islands are exquisite places which will make you fall in love all over again amidst the mouth-watering Caribbean cuisines in the pristine tropical setting.

Honeymoon DestinationsWith the world’s best transportation system, France isn’t far behind in the list of most sorted after honeymoon spots. This country offers a vast multitude of variety of activities that you would like to do on the first trip with your husband. Culture, history, romance: all in one single platter. If Paris is your dream destination then make sure that you are prepared to be swept off your feet in the romantic ambience of the “city of love”. For those who just can’t say no to the lazy afternoons, a stroll or a bike ride in the countryside which inspired world renowned paintings might do the trick.

For couples who don’t want their honeymoons to be just limited to romantic and have a taste of adventure, Costa Rica is the place where you should rather be. Costa Rica offers a wholesome honeymoon experience complete with beaches, lush greenery, thrills of trekking and helicopter rides in the lap of nature amongst gorgeous waterfalls, natural hot springs, and a massive spectrum of wildlife.

For all the nocturnal couples who want to start their married life with a bang and never-ending stream of after parties, Las Vegas is a clear choice. In case you feel your maid-of-honor/best man didn’t throw you a bachelor/bachelorette party you are due, Las Vegas is going to make up for it and more. Amidst all-night-long parties, spas, luxurious hotels, and casinos experience the bud of your new marriage bloom into an adventurous journey.

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