Posted on: 15th February 2014

“Macho” is being redefined by suaveness, sensitiveness, sophistication and sexy smell. Check out the list below and choose your favourite from among the best and most popular colognes of the year:

  1. Vintage Black by Kenneth Cole – This is one of the few types of cologne that you will find on the majority of ‘best of 2013’ lists. If you like to stand to stand apart from the crowd without being too loud or applying too much effort, this is the cologne you should wear. There is a beautiful dash of dry oak wood fragrance here and a whiff of white pepper which makes this cologne a heady experience.
  2. Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot - This is a woodsy fragrance which is attractively masculine. The fragrance is a perfect blend of sweet floral and cedar aromas, which can literally cast a spell of love in the air.
  3. Aqua Pour Homme Marine Cologne for Men by Bulgari - launched in 2008, this fragrance is still hailed as one of the most alluring colognes for men today. Its exotic ingredients -  water accords, neroli, amber and grapefruit - combine to make a most inviting and exciting fragrance. The heady cologne is packaged in an awesome bottle that actually has the power to draw you in to test the perfume.
  4. Polo Black by Ralph Lauren – if you ever wondered what a man should smell like, this is the exact scent. With a toned down fragrance that lingers in the air much after you leave the place, men who wear this fragrance will be assured of female attention wherever they go. Polo Black is like a magnet to women; so, if you do not like female company stay away from this perfume.
  5. Armani Code by Giorgio Armani for Men – a king among fragrances, this is something that would enhance your magnetism, charm and macho appearance manifold.   With exotic ingredients such as cedar essence, grapefruit, vanilla, and Olive blossom, it is really not so surprising that this is a fragrance that keeps recurring as a bestseller. Highly captivating, and down-to-earth sexy this is a perfume you should wear if you are looking forward to a great date with your special girl.
  6. Eros by Versace -This fragrance exudes passion and strong sexual attraction. There is something in the smell of this fragrance that will make your knees go soft.  The blend of some of the most enchanting ingredients such as mint oil and tonka with a dash of woody scent makes this fragrance the Numero Uno attraction for the opposite sex.

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