Posted on: 27th July 2014

If you have a passion for writing poems and want to get your work acknowledged then entering into various poetry competitions is a wise decision. An interest in creative writing and making rhymes can make you win a poetry competition. Those of you who are beginners and looking for a platform to show your work then it is best to start by entering into poetry competitions. Winning a poetry competition is possible if you keep in mind few tips. Here are those five tips that can make you a winner:

Reading the work of great poets

Reading always helps in achieving perfection in your writing. You can hone the writing skills by reading a particular genre or various authors’ work. It will help you in getting the style and making rhymes in a poem. It is one of the best ways to explore in poetry writing and getting the essence of writing a poem.

Penning the thoughts immediately

Always keep a paper and pen ready with you because you never know when you will get a good idea. For example, if you are travelling somewhere and found a beautiful place, you will start getting ideas immediately in your mind. At that point of time you must note down those ideas and expressions in a paper. This is a good exercise if you want to write a good poem.

Poetry CompetitionUsing appropriate language

Writing a heart winning poem can only be possible if you know how to play with words and making rhymes. Your poem must be devoid of ambiguous language and for that you must know the style of a poem and how to make a flow in a poem.

Following the rules of competition

You must know the rules of poetry competitions because then only you will be able to win. Before entering into any poetry writing competition read the rules carefully and follows those rules while writing the poem. Your work should be original as most of the poetry writing competitions want unpublished work. Read the guidelines before entering into any competition.

Your subject must be unique

While writing a poem you must choose a right area or subject. You must know the area on which you are writing your poem. Poems can’t be written on every subject. Creativity is essential in writing a poem and you must choose that subject which has a scope for creativity.


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