Posted on: 23rd January 2014

Getting away on a vacation to a far flung place doesn’t have to be predictable when it comes to finding a place to stay in. But why bother finding a unique hotel? The answer lies in man’s unending quest for something out of the ordinary, something unexpected, an escape into a momentary world where routine is prohibited and eccentricity is the name of the game. For indeed, shouldn’t be the place where you lodge your clothing and baggage and where you spend siesta time snoozing and night time dreaming an adventure vacation on its own?

Here are some ideas for your next venture in the vacation world.

1. Hotel Atlantis in Dubai

Top 5 Themed Hotels in the WorldBuilt on an artificial island called The Palm, this hotel boasts of its all in facilities like a golf course, a mall and a beach access. With a theme inspired by the Arabian nights and an underwater marine life, staying at this hotel is like being transported to a fantasy world. With all the activities and amenities, the price of a night at this luxurious hotel starts from US$500, a small price to pay for a chance to get lost in a lost city.

2. Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Turkey

Ever fantasized being your favourite caped hero Batman and living in your own cave? Here is a hotel where you can be both. Located at the Ayvali Village, Cappadocia, Turkey, a former monastery turned into a hotel establishment offers 30 rooms and nature-themed listing of activities such as donkey riding and food tasting (usually an organic buffet of Turkish dishes). During low season (from November 16 – March 15), you can book a superior family suite for Euro 235, equipped with its own private hall with a fireplace and terrace with a valley view, enough to transport you back to the ancient times of this 5,000 year old inhabited place.

3. The Hobbit Motel in New Zealand

How about experiencing being a two foot hobbit without really being cramped in a hobbit hole? This motel found at Woodlyn Park in Waiton, Waitomo, New Zealand can give your exactly that feeling for $140 for a night stay for two people. Although each hobbit hole can accommodate up to 6 people, the motel will charge an extra $10 for extra people. Being the world’s first hobbit motel, it has a bar and a restaurant that showcase New Zealand’s culture using the famed theme of the Lord of the Rings story.

4. The Underground Motel in Australia

Located at the famous quality opal mining town of Coober Pedy in Australia, this motel is strategically dug out of the sandstone hill to serve as natural haven for what otherwise is a harsh climate typical of Outback South Australia. For as little as AU$125 a night for two in a standard room, you can also participate in the many tours offered about the way of life of the town where everything is located underground.

5. Hang Nga Guesthouse in Vietnam

Also known as the Crazy House, this building was built and designed by a Vietnamese woman architect, Đặng Việt Nga of Da Lat, Vietnam. Described as expressionist in style, many visitors are often reminded of the works of Salvador Dali and Walt Disney. The experience is truly a fairy tale one as rooms are overflowing with natural art forms resembling animals, natural earth formations and elements. Room rates for foreign visitors range from $29 – 63. You can stay for the night or just visit, since it is also a famous tourist attraction, frequented by tourists from all over the world.

So whether you are just bored with the ordinary hotel/motel room amenities and facilities or just looking to add life and character to your next lodging place for your long-planned and awaited vacation, visit any of these five themed hotels in the world and you’ll sure bring back the memories which will entice your next door neighbour to pack their bags and travel as well.

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