Top 5 Rumours About the iPad Mini 2

Posted on: 8th March 2013

iPad owners will be all too familiar with the excitement that comes before apple launch a new product, and the rumour mill has been in full swing since the announcement of the iPad Mini 2. From early release dates to the latest technology, here are our favourite rumours about the upcoming iPad Mini 2- and what we think of them.

iPad Mini 2It will be released in April

Apple originally claimed the iPad Mini 2 would have an October release date, but popular iPhone blog iMore have got their hands on some intelligence claiming that the actual release date will be April. While we like to be optimistic and hope for an early release date, we reckon Apple might release a rudimentary model in Spring and then blindside us with a retina model in the Fall.

It will have retina display

One of the biggest criticisms for the mini iPad is the screen resolution, a pitifully low 1024 x 768 pixel count. Techradar wonder if perhaps Apple kept the resolution low in order to grab some ‘low hanging fruit’ for the next upgrade, however iMore have reported that retina display on the new model is highly unlikely due to the battery size, processor speed, and cost required. But then leaked images have hinted at a retina display, and reports have emerged from the tech company who are making the screen saying that it will be retina. Watch this space!

It will have a more powerful processor

We’ve heard on the grapevine that the iPad Mini 2 will have the A6X SoC processor, which is currently only available in the iPad 4. If these rumours are true, the 8 inch tablet will be the epitome of the phrase “small but mighty”; at half the price and half the weight of the iPad 4, it looks like the iPad Mini 2 will leave its rivals, Samsung and Amazon, in the dust.

iPad mini

It will be more expensive

If reports are to be believed, manufacturing difficulties in the factory could lead to the price point of the iPad 2 Mini being driven up. With the addition of a retina display and a super powerful processor, your only chance of getting your hands on one might be to win an iPad. Then again, Apple do have a lot of rivals in the small tablet market and it would be in their best interests to keep the price of the new iPad low to put fear into the hearts of their competitors. Problems in the factory are being ironed out, and we have to admit that Apple's pricing is always fairly consistent. Again: we’ll just have to wait and see!

There will be a model with extra storage space

We know that Apple have a few massive 128GB chips kicking around: they recently launched a 128GB iPad model, didn't they? It stands to reason that they might add this option to the iPad Mini 2. If they’re already lavishing the smaller sized tablet with a huge processor and the latest in display technology, why not give it storage enough to rival it’s larger stablemates too?

No one can say for certain which features the new iPad Mini 2 will have, or even when it will be released. In the meantime you can join our competitions to win an iPad and find out what all the fuss is about.

We’ll definitely be keeping our eyes open to find out which of these rumours we were right about!

What’s the best rumour you’ve heard about the upcoming iPad Mini 2?

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