Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Bermuda Vacation

Posted on: 28th June 2014

Bermuda is a beautiful island that is located about six hundred miles away from North Carolina. It is famed for pink coloured sandy shores, fascinating light colour buildings in Hamilton and flawlessly trimmed golf courses. Some of its traditions like afternoon tea and cricket matches are inspired from the British and they are also the cause of its fame. By visiting Bermuda, one feels like going back to courteous period. Except its traditions, the island has been modernized by making new restaurants and elegant resorts. So if you want to go to a chill place for vacations, then you can add Bermuda to your list.

The reasons that you should choose Bermuda for vacations are:

Flight Schedules

New York is a famous city to depart from, while flying to Bermuda. From April, a flight will be launched every day from New York to Bermuda. According to local time, the flight departure time will be from 9:55 a.m. to 1 p.m. A direct taxi ride is available from there to various resorts at the shorefronts. You can enjoy there by relaxing in the sun and drinking the island’s National drink, known as “Dark ‘n Stormy”.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need a Bermuda VacationThe Fairmont Hamilton Princess

The island became more famous when the expansive pink coloured hotel “Fairmount Hamilton Princess” built in 1885, was bought by Bermudian named Peter Green. Its name was taken from the daughter of Queen, the “Princess Louise”. Due to ex-guests like Mark Twain and Ian Fleming, this hotel has been the centre of social activities in Hamilton. Peter Green has planned to renew it very soon.

Dining Choices

Tucker’s Point is a comfortable resort of Bermuda. In 2009, it became part of Rosewood Hotels and Resorts Group. It has 88 rooms, a perfect private beach, a golf course consisting of 18 holes and quite a few dining places. Tucker’s Point Restaurant contains seafood menu and a wine room of 3,000 bottles. Its newest restaurant is “Sul Verde” which is built inside the clubhouse of the golf course and it serves Italian dishes like antipasto, risotto and orecchiette (small, domed pasta noodles) along with Italian hot dogs.

Festivals and Fiestas

All through the year, Bermuda arranges a lot of festivals and carnivals. In these festivals, one is Bermuda International Film Festival which starts from 12th April and ends on 18th April. It includes broadcasting of many documentaries. Hollywood film star Michael Douglas himself took part in several festivals. A race is also organised every year, known as Newport Bermuda Race. It is a yacht race which starts from Rhode Island all the way to Bermuda and it starts in the month of June.

The Divine Drink

Although Dark ‘n Stormy is a national drink of Bermuda, another famous drink of Bermuda is Rum Swizzle. Rum Swizzle is a strong drink made of fruit juice, Grenadine and Gosling’s rum. The airport has the main branch of Swizzle Inn and another of its branches is located towards the south. It is a famous lunching spot for tourists of the close resorts. In beautiful Bermuda, one can sit in the veranda and order a bottle of Rum Swizzle and enjoy it with fish and chips in the afternoon.

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