Posted on: 19th January 2014

Planning for that perfect, first romantic and holiday getaway with your new beau can be tricky and costly if you are a newbie. This first trip outside your comfort zone can either break or make the relationship. Indeed, utmost care and precaution should be taken since there are so many choices and so many things to consider. The following are some suggested holiday destinations for those who have just taken that added step towards a serious and potentially long term relationship.

#5 Chianti Region in Italy
– why not try the latest trend in tourism, agriturismo, in the area known for the finest and most excellent wines, the Chianti region of Italy? Or you can choose from having a quaint B&B or a themed holiday vacation (e.g., wine, wellness, sport, culture, or riding). You’re not only in the presence of where love is abundant (i.e. nature and agriculture) but you’re backdrop is also the birthplace of passionate love and devotion. Savour the magnificence of the food, weather and the people while holding hands with your love one and strolling along the countryside of this wonderful region.

#4 The Islands of Bimini in the Bahamas – no other than the great literary legend himself, Ernest Hemingway, fell in love at first site upon docking Pilar, his boat at one of the Out Islands of the Bahamas, Bihimi. Looking for an out of this world adventure to impress your new love? Well, the Bihimi Islands offer an array of activities sure to inspire even the goddess of love herself. This is where you can find the mythical “Fountain of Youth” (known to rejuvenate ageing bodies and souls with its sulphuric and lithium-infused natural spring) and a pathway called the Bihimi Road, rumoured to be built by none other than Atlantis’ very own civil engineers. And what better way to fire up romance but to indulge in hours and hours of fishing and snorkelling seeing and savouring the local aquatic offerings native only to this hidden paradise

#3 Island of Kourion in Cyprus – out of the ocean waves, locals claim that no other than the Greek Goddess of Love herself, Aphrodite, was born in the jutting rocks of the Island of Kourion in the country of Cyprus. Kourion, known for its immense archaeological sites, boasts of what many will claim as ancient resorts, spas and culture. Life is simple and languidly paced, days and ways are filled with warmth and nostalgia while nights are spent in the company of locals enjoying a good drink at local taverns or watching the beautiful modern dancers performing at the ancient stairs of the amphitheater. Why not try paragliding, the island’s most famous recreational and competitive adventure sport, to show your love that no boundary or height can be too great for your love?Top Holiday Destination

#2 Casablanca in Morocco – Relive the classic Hollywood film by doing what Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman didn’t do, walk through the beach and savour its French-inspired architectural edifices. The city is a desert and the best couple thing to do is ride in horseback and gaze at the stars at night or on top of camels. Or maybe just explore short treks during the day. And after praying or just meditating in its many mosques overlooking the ocean, indulge yourselves in eating at the many night markets where you can find all the exotic spices and delicacies you can ever imagine.

#1 Bora Bora in French Polynesia – For the athletic in spirit and body, a must try for new couples is climbing Mt. Ohue (619m) and Mt Pahia (661m), symbolic of the onerous yet worthwhile climb all relationships must go through to reach the height of their glory. The feat can take up to six hours but the magnificent views at the summits do justice to the unfathomable awe that your love for each other brings. Or you and your love one can take the opposite direction and try out Aqua Safari, a 30-minute walk of 4m, perfect for those who relish silent witnessing of the world under water.

These top holiday romantic destinations will not only bring out the best in all couples but might also give a sneak peek on what’s to come. Maybe it’s the best way to officially start the relationship and the surest way to ensure a strong and memorable one at that. So new couples out there, pack your bags, embrace your partner tightly and get ready to start your happily ever after journey.

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