Posted on: 28th January 2014

It is more likely that people would travel just to have a unique gastronomic experience this 2014. And that river cruises are more popular among honeymooners and family trips. South America would still be a favourite for those looking for a good vacation deal. Here are top 14 tips to look out for this 2014 before you hop on board that next flight or ship.

1. North American airfares are getting more affordable.

I believe it’s about time they do so! According to the American Express Global Business Travel Forecast 2014, flights within the U.S. are going to get cheaper due to competing airlines and stricter budgets over corporate travels. Just find out for yourself!

2. European trips won’t come cheaply.

Frequent Travellers TipsThat’s too bad though. Rick Seaney, CEO of FareCompare, reported that you have to shell out more than $1,100 for a summer nonstop ticket especially if you choose Italy, France and the Netherlands. If you still want to tour Europe, try Spain, Ireland and Germany instead.

3. People love them some scrumptious food dishes.

A weekend lunch at Noma in Copenhagen is tempting especially if you’re curious as to why it earned the title for ‘Best Restaurant in the World’ by ‘Restaurant’ magazine from 2010-2012. Or if you want to sample some authentic Peruvian cuisine, Gaston Acurio can impress you in his Lima restaurant. Or how about fine dining at San Sebastian, Spain where it boasts of its 16 Michelin stars? If you’re not yet salivating with this information, I don’t know what else will do.

4. South America is blazing hot.

And it’s not because of the effects of global warming. Of course, Gaston Acurio is one reason to go there as well as the June/July World Cup Series in Brazil. How about getting accommodations at the ‘Unbalance Hotel’ or the Palacio del Inka in Cusco? Cartagena and Bogota are both winners, always finding their way in the ultimate travelling bucket list of globetrotters.

5. River cruising in Europe is the way to go.

Is it because of the fifteen new ships that are filling up the rivers of Europe this year or the other 25 new ships coming up in 2015? Whichever it is, you can surely expect river cruise deals especially in off-seasons.

6. African safaris are popular among families.

No doubt because of the exotic animals or species on the endangered list. But since safari operators are gearing towards more child-focused adventures, it is quite irresistible for moms and dads not to take that trip of a lifetime. You would also feel more safe knowing that there are a growing number of malaria-free game parks where children can just be kids without fear of contracting the disease.

7. Hotels are losing it over homes.

Luxury villas seem to be the trend these past few years and will continue to do so this 2014. It offers the same space, comfort and privacy that hotels are known for but at a cheaper cost.

8. Hotels, on the other hand, are vamping up their R&R options.

If there is a reason to choose hotels over any other types of accommodation, it is because of their added entertainment and pampering options for the would-be dwellers. How about having a Sommelier on Call or access to a Mindfulness Moment Hotline? Cool, huh?

9. Hotels are really waging wars in terms of its aesthetic quality.

If your lingering social media presence must gain extra points, hotels can give you that. More and more hotels want their properties to be ‘Instagram-friendly’ to entice clients to choose them over other forms of accommodation.

10. Hotels prioritize workaholics.

If you really cannot separate business and pleasure, then you’d be surprised how easily hotels give in to your whim. They can rent out work spaces and transform rooms into pop-up executive offices where you can still keep in touch with your workforce.

11. You’ll never run out of 21st century convenience almost anywhere you travel.

Hotels and luxury liners know that it is important for business travellers to have high-speed Wi-Fi connection – and free for the matter! Rocco Forte Hotels is just the latest luxury hotel group to do so as well as Regent Seven Seas and Viking Ocean Cruises.

12. You’ll have a more relaxing flight experience.

U.S. airports are getting more and more pay-as-you-go club lounges where you can use its Routehappy tool to let you know about the most comfortable seats and nicest places for your route. Even if you are just an ordinary passenger, you’ll be surprised at the upgraded amenities that have just been available in the first class compartment until recently.

13. Layovers are not boring anymore.

Use it instead as a stopover and double your trip in an instant. For example, people going back to Argentina are intentionally booking layovers in Cartagena! And who doesn’t want to?

14. You can design your dream itinerary perfectly.

Create your perfect day using this site, Peek by dragging photos of your desired activities and within the timeline of your choice!

Now, with all these lovely changes, you better make room for all the places you want to visit this 2014. Bon voyage!

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