Top 10 Safest Cars According to Car Safety Ratings

Posted on: 1st March 2012

We live in a world that sometimes has questionable values when it comes to safety. Personal-injury litigations are everywhere. Curling irons have specific warning labels that would make it as hazardous as any other weapon and yet classified as a regular personal item inside any home. We allow death-defying stunts for roller skaters. And yet, when it comes to car buying, we lax in the safety department.

Safest CarsTraffic accidents top the list of leading killers in both 1st world and developing countries. This is quite disturbing in an era where advanced safety technology has been mandated in every vehicle that would be available for consumers. Nevertheless, the safest cars have prime value and only those who are willing to overlook its outrageous price can afford to buy it.

Then again, this list comprises of the safest vehicles that are just under AUD $50,000.

  1. Volvo V40. The V40 tops the overall score for car safety, according to the Euro NCAP tests.
  2. Toyota Camry. The Camry is a top choice for families in Australia, Singapore, and the US. Its 10 standard airbags ensures utmost car safety for every passenger.
  3. Hyundai Santa Fe. One of the safest cars that offer a reliable sense of security because of its many safety features such as a pop-up bonnet that increases the distance between the pedestrian's head and the car's engine in case of a crash.
  4. BMW 3 Series. Euro NCAP gave it the "Best in Class" award for the Large Family Car category. Its adult, child and infant occupant protection garnered the highest score.
  5. Audi 3 Sportback. German automakers do not hold back when it comes to excellent engineering and safety of this model.
  6. Peugeot 208. Euro NCAP awarded this small but dependable car the maximum 5-star rating in 2012.
  7. Infiniti M37. A backup camera signals the car to stop in the case of a presumed rear-impact collision.
  8. Mercedes-Benz E-Class . Adding to its standard ABS and ESP stability control, it takes the car safety mantra to the next level with its nine supplemental restraints to provide extra protection for front occupants in hazardous side-impact collisions.
  9. Mazda 6. Its wave radars, cameras and near-infrared lasers are just some of the safety features of this car to avoid any potential crash situation.
  10. Volvo S80. Aside from its standard car safety features, it includes a blind spot warning system, which monitors adjacent lanes for undetected cars.


Car Safety Ratings


When it comes to car safety ratings, we have prominent agencies to rely on: the EuroNCAP (Europe New Car Assessment Programme), JapanNCAP, AustraliaNCAP, and America's IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety) and NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Here are top criteria for determining the safest cars worthy of your paycheck.


  1. Electronic Stability Control (ESC). It minimizes skidding or losing control because of over-steering, with the aid of a computer-controlled technology. Because of this essential feature, the likelihood of vehicle roll-over and fatal crash are reduced.
  2. Crash Performance Tests. Using wired “dummies”, it can be a basis on how well passengers can be protected in real-life crash situations.
  3. Curtain Airbags. Without them, occupant’s head has little protection from hitting the side of a car or rigid objects within the immediate scene of accident.
  4. Antilock Braking System (ABS). It enables the driver to maintain steering control of the car when tyres skid due to heavy braking or slippery surfaces.
  5. Traction Control Systems. It enhances a moving car’s grip and stability even on slippery surfaces.
  6. Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA). A safety technology signals drivers when they are over speeding.


Unfortunately, these advanced technologies has yet to filter down to the mass market segment, making you wish you can win at car competitions than just wait for regular motor vehicles to be more and more safe. Until then, you can still use this as a guide for cars with guaranteed safety on the road.

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