Top 10 Most Popular Cars in Australia

Posted on: 1st March 2012

Popular Cars A decade ago, Fords and Mitsubishis are the “apple of the eye” for most Australians. Now, they no longer hold the ‘most popular cars’ title. Showrooms no longer carry three cars in particular – the Nissan Pulsar, the Holden Astra and the Mitsubishi Magna. But soon enough, those first two cars mentioned would make a comeback. Traditional family-sized cars also seem to be a distant memory for would-be car owners.

Most new-car buyers these days also geared towards smaller and more compact vehicles. A surprising fact is that Mazda3 rules among other tough contenders. But if we are going to talk about survivors, Toyota’s Camry, Corolla, and HiLux remains undisputed even after an onslaught of popular cars from other brands.

SUVs or four-wheel-drive-style wagons also have significant presence in the car buying industry although none has made it on top 10 most sold cars. But it is not that buyers do not find it irresistible, it is just that there are too many other models in the market today.

What is the most popular car in Australia?

It is hard to figure out what makes each car tick so that potential car owners would be lured into buying a particular brand or model.

But if figures are worth pondering on, Mazda has overtaken Ford and Mitsubishi in the race. One just have to observe showrooms and podium places to see that the point has been proven. But if there are car giveaways anywhere in the country, these brands might still reign supreme.

January-June 2002 New Car Sales (based on

1Holden Commodore41,730
2Ford Falcon23,921
3Toyota Corolla16,821
4Holden Astra13,621
5Hyundai Accent11,952
6Toyota HiLux11,474
7Mitsubishi Magna10,257
8Toyota Camry9667
9Falcon ute9091
10Nissan Pulsar8691

January-June 2012 New Car Sales (based on

2Toyota HiLux19,412
3Toyota Corolla 19,026
4Holden Cruze16,437
5Holden Commodore 15,860
6Hyundai i3014,000
7Nissan Navara13,180
8Toyota Camry10,948
9Toyota Yaris9836


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