Posted on: 3rd July 2014

Stories about people winning great prizes in the internet are drawing more and more people to join the world of online competitions. The thought of winning high quality, high value items and hearing how it is so easy to win are making it more exciting for anyone who is thinking of joining a competition. The idea and the possibility that anybody can end up on top, besting many others in a competition are totally irresistible to persons that are feeling and dreaming of being lucky, and those people who are thinking of one day bringing home a highly sought after prize such a home makeover, full body makeover, free electronic gadgets, free vacations, smart phones and computers.
Whoa! Hold on your horses! Winning online competitions does not come easily to those who do not make just enough effort to win. It really takes work, patience, experience and strategy to increase your chances of winning a competition.

Online CompetitionsAnyone who wants to enter this world of online competition must first learn caution. There are many scammers and bogus sites out there. We can use one of the basic rules every time we use the internet: avoid sites that are requesting for your financial and credit card information. And also by using enough diligence, observe how little or no following a site has, or to look for negative comments or if there are claims that a particular site is a scam.  When you get that uncomfortable feeling giving away pertinent and personal information about yourself to a particular site, then you should click away. You can check out the governing bodies and authorities that ensure participants and competitors of a safe, fair and level playing field. Take a look at their list of legitimate online competitors or other websites that have a list of accredited and legitimate sites of online competitions.

Unless you did your homework very well to win a competition, it really takes some time before anyone can start winning in an online competition. You need patience to keep on participating even though you are not winning anything. But you must keep joining, so your experience will grow and you will learn to understand what doesn’t work, and what works to help you build your own winning strategy.

Do not lose hope, keep on trying. Once you start winning prizes, it can be very rewarding, exciting, worthwhile and fun for you. There are actually some ways to help you increase your chances, here are a few examples.

You can choose competitions that are a little bit harder and complicated and which many competitors avoid. Lesser competitors increase your own chances of winning.

Or join competitions with prizes that are not that sought after by other compers. Look for competitions that do not require an entry fee. If there is a fee, then it must not exceed the value of the prize offered. You can join competitions daily. Some competitions allow multiple entries. For some, you may need to have multiple email addresses to increase your entries. Join as many competitions as you can, it actually increases your chances of winning a prize. Just do not forget to organize a way to keep track of competitions you have joined. Make a list so you can be updated when a competition has started or ended, your draw dates, the prizes and amount of the prize of each competition.

Put up a separate email account dedicated for online competitions other than your personal email account. This will help you avoid spam, select or ignore the flood of emails from promoters around the world. Be on a constant look out for important notifications so you do not miss your chance to receive your winning prize.

It is okay to keep joining online competitions, as long as you are enjoying and having fun doing it.

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