Posted on: 27th March 2013

Free Stuff OnlineThe internet offers one of the best venues to access free stuff online. There are many communities online that cater to persons who seek freebies and provide referrals for one another. These transactions usually take place as a trade with a small amount of cash being involved. This allows you to pay someone to complete your referral. You can complete a referral for the person in return for them completing one for you. Even when you pay $20.00 per item you will still end up getting the items that you want at almost half the market price. The great thing about the arrangement is you do not have to pay. You do not even have to fill out the offers if the person on the other side likes you they may just do it at no charge.

What is important is that you can signup to become a member of the community at no charge, and start trading referrals. There are hundreds of referrals on demand.

A great place to find referral forums is through google. Always read the rules and view the items of persons who have posted both receiver and supplier to confirm thats its not a scam.

Blogging offers another excellent avenue to get and advertise free stuff online. Examples of these include how to get a free iPad, or how to get a free Nintendo Wii. Always include your referral link over the blog as this encourages visitors and on other persons who are hunting for free stuff online to click on your offer.

Your presence should be felt. Place your links in locations that not only family and friends can access but also strangers. Popular places to post your link includes Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Bebo etc. Always include in your link a short description to encourage those who see the link to click on it. The more places you post your links the more people will see them.

Print flyers and place them in strategic locations in your area. Always put them in locations that have a high foot traffic such as the doors of supermarkets and local notice boards. Do this in moderation as it can be somewhat of an annoyance if your flyers are showing up just about everywhere.

Always get people on board who care about what you doing. Many times this will be close friends and family, this is one of the fastest ways to get persons to sign on. It’s a win win situation for everyone.

Tell someone about it. Once the opportunity presents itself tell someone about what you're doing. Ask them to click through your link. It would be good if you could provide them with a location online such as your bloggers website. Or you could ask them for their email address and send it to them.

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