Tips to Win Writing Competitions

Posted on: 21st October 2014

Any talent you possess is an expression of your creative prowess, and letting the world know about it is everybody’s dream. Not many people in this world are lucky enough to get a lifetime chance of showcasing their talent. After all it all depends upon the amount of opportunities one gets to provide wings to the dreams.

I am not sure about the chances life would give you to get recognized for what you are, but I can really help how you can improve your odds to win. If you are a writer who is really passionate about writing then find below some of the lucrative tips on how to enter a writing contest and win great prizes.Win Writing Competitions

  • Always remember that writing an essay especially for a contest is not a child’s play. It requires perfect technique, careful adherence to the rules, and an innovative hook to grab the eye balls of the judges.
  • To enter a writing contest it is must for the participant to know if so and so competition is really taking place or a gimmick. For that you can clear all your doubts by sending them an email.
  • Always remember that the judges are very strict about the rules in these types of contests. So, make sure that you are following them religiously. If you exceed the word limit by even one word, you will probably be disqualified.
  • It is always a better idea to brainstorm several different ideas. This means that more diverse ways you can visualize addressing your topic, the more flexibility you will have while writing.
  • If possible, try devoting some time in looking at previous winning essays. This will give you an understanding of what judges are looking for. Sometimes they value innovation and unconventionality and sometimes they want essay to be message oriented. So, make sure you are adding all points that can help your essay stand out from the first sentence.
  • From beginning till end make sure that your essay or any writing piece does not contain any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors. To avoid such mistakes you can always have your friend to proof read it for you, then look it once again for a perfect presentation.
  • Last but not least, always remember that no completion is won if you are pessimistic about it and also feel less confident about win. So, be confident and keep an optimistic approach till the end. You will surely win.

Keep writing! Keep Winning! 

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