Tips To Win In Baby Photo Contest

Posted on: 6th April 2013

Baby Photo ContestIf you are entering a baby photo contest only pictures of a high quality will get you qualified. This means no shots taken by phones. Use a high quality camera that is meant for taking high quality shots. No need to purchase a camera that is used by professional photographers even though it does give you a slight advantage it’s not the determining factor.

Before you take a picture ensure that there is proper lighting in the room. You will also need to have a steady hand to take a sharp picture.

If you are to have the slightest chance of winning a baby photo contest then you will need to ensure that your child is smiling. Use props such stuffed animals, toys, pictures that will provoke a response for your child.

The judges are happy when your child is happy. It’s only natural. No one like a child that is crying more so when they are modeling for food and diapers. After all you don't want them to be sending the wrong message about the product that you are selling.

One of the best ways to win the judge's heart is to be completely natural. Always seek to capture your child when he or she is in their most natural moment. As you take photos allow your child to play with toys, so that the child will become comfortable with their environment. Once you sense that your child is comfortable then is time to take the photo.

Correct timing is the most important factor of taking a picture. This will require patience, but the results will be well worth the time. Babies need time to get into the groove of things so they will not immediately pose for you.

Take pictures on the outdoors. The reason for this is simple, the lighting that is present outdoors is of a superior standard and it’s best to use natural light when taking pictures as this shows up hidden beauty. It’s always good to include some foliage and other factors that are common to the outdoors. Trees and flowers make excellent additions to any photo so always try to include them.

If you are experiencing difficulties, keeping your bundle of joy still, you run the risk of taking a picture that is blurred. If your camera has a children setting then use it. This will allow you to capture a photo at the quickest and most spontaneous rate that is possible so you will be able to capture your baby without blurs even when they are moving.

Makeup should be avoided at all costs, judges do not like to see makeup on children. Makeup adds years to your child's image plus they are not child safe. They were never designed to be added to a childs face.

If you did not win the competition the first time around then do not give up. Use the opportunity as a learning experience so the next time around you will stand a better chance of claiming the top prize.

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