Posted on: 4th March 2014

Getting free items online is as simple as it can be. No matter if you are not an all-out sweeper; you can still win free gifts that you want by just sitting in front of your computer and putting a little effort. While there really are people out there who seem to have luck etched on their destiny, you should not be discouraged about your empty handed situation.

Spend a little time and find out which companies and websites are giving away free stuff and gifts for your family, friends and loved ones. The trick here is to look for deals that are clear, with no hidden clauses and no strings attached.

The concept of promotions and prize competitions has seen drastic change over the years. So, today you can find these free offers and promotional gifts on blogs whether you want a part of the prize or the complete package. Here’s how you can get closer to winning more free stuff online.

  • Use the tried and tested way. Use Google search and type keywords like “prizes”, “contest”, “offer” and “giveaway”. No doubt this is time consuming but if you can be a little patient then the freebies you want will be yours in just a jiffy. Ensure that you use the right descriptions for the type of gifts and prizes that you are looking for. This will help you narrow down on the search results and find the website links which are useful for you. In the process you will come across giveaways which are no longer active. So you will have to filter down your search results.
  • Check out the many sweepstakes sites that offer daily promotion and prizes. You can improve your chances of winning cash prizes and free stuff by participating in the contests like money promotions and prize drawings. The chances of winning here are higher because the numbers of entries in these competitions are fewer as compared to the national prize promotions. The odds are simply in your favour here. You can visit websites like SweepsAdvantage where they added a new section of blog entries in their system just dedicated to giving away free stuff and cash prizes. So go and check it out. And if you like it, then just join them. Remember, it is best that you keep your entries organised.
  • Check out the giveaway directories for blogs. If you are looking for promotional stuff given out in different blogs, then Blog Giveaway Directory and are the websites which can be very useful for you. These sites are great to start with as they are very selective about the giveaways that they want to list.
  • Always be active on the roundups of blog links. By keeping yourself updated on blog link roundups, you can maximise your chances of winning free items and big cash prizes. It will be useful to you if you visit pages of other bloggers as they tend to promote prizes and giveaways of other bloggers on their websites. You can rely on websites such as ‘A Nut in a Nutshell’s Giveaway Parade’ and ‘Deal Seeking Mom’s Giveaway Gathering’, to name a few.
  • Make it a habit of visiting blog pages every time you can. If you want to be a winner and be rewarded for your efforts, make sure that you become an avid subscriber of RSS feed and promotional emails. Always keep checking your emails and renewing your subscriptions in order to be eligible for “subscribers only” promotions. It can be difficult to follow each and every blog that gives free stuff away closely. So instead, just list down a few blogs to follow religiously so that whenever they are giving out free stuff away, you can jump on to it while the deal is still hot. This will give you a good chance of winning and push the odds in your favour.
  • Being active on Twitter will improve on your chances of winning free promotional gifts. Go to Twitter and do a search with #giveaways hashtag whenever possible. You will find that there are hundreds of Tweets online which promote gifts and prizes from different brands and bloggers. Clear out the clutter by searching for bloggers who have listed giveaways about to close soon or those which are looking for last minute entries because of poor response received.

Apart from the many ways and tricks of winning free gifts and prizes, one important thing to keep in mind is to be patient and persistent. Winning easily without much effort is definitely the key here, but these are simple tricks which will help you win free stuff online without having to spend any money.

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