Posted on: 3rd March 2014

Is it possible to win free money online? Most people would say no. The truth, however, is that you can definitely win free cash over the internet! And this might be the money that can set you for most of your life or maybe just pay the bills for the next few months. But don’t get your hopes too high yet. It is never good to count the chickens before they hatch.

Let’s stay positive though! The important thing to remember in this money quest, however, is to search for competitions which are legitimate. It is easy to distinguish the credible forms from those which are scams. Not all forms and competitions found online are fraudulent. If you can find those genuine and credible contests, then you can win ready and fast cash.

One way of determining the fraudulent forms and scams is their insistence on getting you to divulge your personal information or by sending unsolicited mails to your inbox.

Don’t fall for the trap! You must have heard many horror stories about identity theft, financial debts that are not of their own doing, thus, ruining their financial history and credibility in the process.

Instead, focus on finding out the real deal. There are many genuine Australian competitions online which can give you a great shot of winning free money. This is how:

  • Do an online search to figure out the order of competitions in your local area. There are many Australian websites which are dedicated only to these competitions. You can enter these competitions or any other free money competition in your area immediately.
  • When searching for competitions online, you may come across websites which have entries open. Before you start submitting your entries, check if the competition is still running. This is important because there are many competitions which even after having ended are left open and you may end up wasting your time.
  • To have a greater chance of winning, opt for your local area competitions instead of the competitions that other countries have to offer.
  • Give preference to Australian websites if possible if you want to win monetary prizes. Also look for prizes other than money when you are looking to enter a competition.
  • Do not give your personal bank information and other private financial details. Follow your gut. This is unethical on the part of the sponsor, which means it is a scam.

You cannot win if you do not participate. So ensure that you find as many legitimate competitions that you can and then join! There are competitions which allow contestants to have multiple entries. If that is the case, don’t hesitate to do so because it can help you multiply your chances of winning. With little effort and time, you can improve your bank account value. And keep your fingers crossed, too!

In your search of winning opportunity, be vigilant enough not to fall into the trap of frauds and scams which could lead you to a lifetime of shame and debt. Keep in mind the tricks to avoid falling into the traps of such online scams:

  • First, determine your reason and purpose of getting into such competitions online; that is, to win money, not being tricked into getting money out of you.
  • Any genuine competition will never ask you to pay in order to win. So never pay to enter a competition as those are mostly fraudulent ones.
  • Before entering a competition find out why that competition is being run or why it promises to shell out cash.
  • Legitimate competitions have sensible privacy policies wherein they would clearly tell the entrants how they are going to use the information they want from the contestants.
  • Genuine cash contests have rules that govern the competition. It is better to read page-long rules if it would mean giving you the assurance that they are not scamming you or trying to trick you in any way. Never join competitions that have no set of rules and regulations whatsoever.
  • A contest is not legit if it requires you to show a proof of purchase without giving you another option to enter. If it promises you better chances of winning if you buy something from them upon entry, then don’t consider joining it at all.
  • When you are notified of winning any of the cash prizes, you might be required to reveal your social security number. This is just standard protocol. But never give it away during the initial entry to the contest. And the sponsors should be in their right mind not to ask it from you.

If you have a bad feeling about any part of the money contest, don’t push your entry. There are many other online competitions out there that you can join. You should never put yourself at risk just so you can realise your dream of winning instant cash. If you follow these tips, you’d be safe in your free cash conquest online.


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