Posted on: 28th July 2014

There are hundreds of competitions added everyday to thousands that are already out there. Many will be the favourite of competitors and there will also be quite a number that will be barely noticed and will be undersubscribed. This means if you are not picky and willing to put a little extra effort locating these competitions you will have a better chance of getting the top prize. The lesser the competitors the higher are your chances of winning.

You can locate them with the help of crazy competition or other websites that provide listings of online competitions. Once you have chosen the site that you are interested to join make sure they are legitimate. Try to do some research, look for positive/negative comment in forums or comment boxes and see if there are any claims or complaints that they are bogus.
There are programs that came out to help a comper’s life become easier.  Using auto fill forms will greatly reduce the time you spend filling out forms to complete your entries. Another is automation technology that allows the user to fill out multiple entries in less time. These will increase the odds in your favour and give you a better chance to win cash and prizes.

Win Cash Online CompetitionsWe all heard and read about how great and exciting it is to join and win online competitions. But most of the time we don’t hear about or we forget to consider how difficult it can be, that there is only one winner and thousands who do not win. Or how long or far apart it takes a person to win again.

If you are one of those who would want to try or you had, but was not lucky enough to win anything, you would probably wonder how those regular winners of online competitions win all the time. Is there a fool proof strategy or magic formula? There are trade secrets many professional compers, prefer not to talk about that help them win cash prizes and other stuff online.

Here are a few of them. Hard work and diligence; it takes a lot of hard work, looking for the right competition, and sometimes what is needed is experience and a good nose to sense and pick the right contest.  You will need to do some research, and you have to organize, make a list of upcoming competitions and draw dates and remembering when to sign up and when to send entries at the right time.

Another is patience and perseverance; the amount of time you dedicate entering competitions is proportional to the increase in your chances of winning cash prize or any prize. Many professional compers spend a lot of hours on the computer and it actually takes them the whole day and night to do what they do.

And being smart and wise is another trait that can be attributed to successful compers.  Be always on the lookout for undersubscribed, low applicant competitions. Professional compers, never turn down opportunities.  The competition may be a bit boring and complicated, or the prizes may not be as desirable or not the most sought after items in the comping world. But being less picky sometimes payoff. Always remember that if you want, with little effort you can always convert your prize to cash. And try to always keep in mind as stated earlier, the lesser competitors the higher your chances of taking home the prize.

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