Posted on: 6th September 2013

In the past few years, video contests have become widely popular because when any movie makes someone cry, laugh, or emotionally involved, that person definitely tells others about it, which can be highly advantageous for the companies. These contests are great for the entrants as well. Why? Because as compared to a regular sweepstake where thousands may participate, only few people enter in such a contest. These are amazing odds, which makes it worthwhile to take your shot at winning a video contest.

Create Contest Winning VideosLet’s have a close look at few tips for winning a video competition:

* Read the rules carefully-You should understand all the rules carefully, including the movie length, end date, format, and any restrictions on the file size. Check whether you are required to post your entry on YouTube, or on the sponsor’s site. Can others participate? Avoid copyrighted material? Can you add music? Include some product?, etc.

* Review the judging criteria-You should also enquire how the entries will be judged. Some contests may have specific guidelines.

* Determine how the winner will be selected-Before writing your scrip for the movie, you should also enquire how the entries will be judged. Will the winners be determined by a voting open to the general public? Will a panel of judges judge the entries?

* Come up with a moving story-You should choose a powerful story that fits seamlessly with the theme of the contest and can easily connect with the viewers. Humor is great, but you can also tug on the heart strings with a sad story. The best thing is to have a gripping story that everybody will want to watch from beginning to end.

* Start with a strong hook-Once you’ve chosen a basic storyline, you should think about a gripping way to start your movie entry. If you are successful in captivating your audience in the first few seconds, you’d be on your way to wining your video competition.

* Wherever possible, flatter sponsors-If possible, you can mention about the contest sponsors in your story, have some of their products in the background, or use them as a prop. Especially, when the entries will be judged by the sponsors, this is the best way to earn few points.

* Consider your setting-No matter how great your movie is, you will hurt your chances of winning the contest if your background is unattractive, messy, or distracting. Just choose a pretty outdoor location, solid or a white colored wall, and so on.

* Film your video-You can enlist help of your family members or friends to do the camera work for you. You should have a good lighting so that people can see you clearly without any glare. You can film several “takes”, and then choose the best one to submit to the competition.

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