Posted on: 2nd March 2014

A sure shot way to win free merchandise and gifts without having to work for it is to enter competitions online. You can easily win popular gifts like iPads, LCD TVs, smartphones and many other electronic gadgets which are commonly given away as prizes. And if you are ready to search a little more, then you will find freebies like holiday packages, weekend getaways and home essentials. If you have lady luck on your side, you might even win a brand new car or millions of cash from legal Australian competition websites!

Usually, the free stuff being offered as prizes on these Australian competition sites comes from companies looking to strengthen their brand, gain a considerable edge against rival companies and widen their customer base. It is only a small investment on their part to give away some of their products and/or services if in return, they could carry out these major goals that they pursue. Actually, sponsoring an online competition is a more inexpensive way to market their merchandise as opposed to paying premium TV advertising or billboard rent.

There are online competitions which are different than the traditional competitions. For example, they might be asking you to follow a series of instructions like filling out forms, writing slogans and posting them, collecting gift vouchers, to name a few. Only after you have completed the requirements can you be qualified as a legitimate entrant of the contest.

Then again, there are also Australian online contests that do not ask you to fill any forms or write any slogan or do anything at all. You can simply qualify for these contests just by typing your name and email address and you won’t have to spend a penny.

Many competitions online in Australia make the contestants go crazy by the prizes that they have on offer. They shell out prizes like Gangnam style holiday in Korea or $10000 worth of Visa Gift Card from Procter & Gamble Australia. Others offer trip to Canada including shared accommodation and return airfares or it can be as simple as $250 worth of free chocolates from Cadbury. But what can you say if it is a romantic holiday in Paris? Others can be quite complicated yet equally exciting such as a 28-day Berocca competition that offers free gifts and offers every day. Others can also offer free tickets to Hollywood blockbuster ‘Titanic’ and beauty gift packs from Revlon for free.

These Australian online competition websites open a wide-ranging selection of free competitions for people who are interested to win free prizes, cash rewards, gift vouchers, electronics and other awesome gifts. They provide the people ‘down under’ the maximum opportunity to win free items.

If you want to improve your chances of winning free stuff through online competitions then you must enter as many free online contests as you can. You have to be in it to win it! By doing this, you will get more chances to win unlimited number of prizes and gifts.

Before you start entering these competitions make sure you read the terms and conditions of the competition thoroughly, especially the fine prints in it. You will then know what you can expect from playing and will be confident about your performance. It is important to read between the lines - whether it is a simple contest of rolling the dice to win a huge sum of money, or to ace the nappy test to own an iPad or providing 25 words or less for a simple question – so you can be on the winning side.

Most of the competition websites in Australia give away gifts and prizes to people for doing simple things like playing games, taking tests or even just clicking ‘Like’ on the Facebook page of the companies. It is so simple that it doesn’t even take longer than a minute for you. With just a click of a mouse you can win fabulous prizes while you are checking your mail or browsing through the internet. Don’t forget: visit these websites during holiday seasons when they are giving out maximum prizes.

So stop thinking and get started with winning the best gifts and merchandise that you desire, all free of cost!

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